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A Little Pleather Never Hurt Nobody!

1 Nov

titleThe organic smell of genuine leather- to me, there is no better scent! Leather is a quality material and has no equal. However, there is a great alternative that feels great, looks great, and is much more affordable… Pleather!

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Spring/Summer 2014 Is All About The Yellow!

23 Sep


Those in the Northern Hemisphere are saying goodbye to their warm days and hello to their spine chilling nights. But it’s not all dull and gloomy for them this year, say hello to the hottest colour this season that will keep us all bright and fashionably happy… Yellow!

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It’s All In The Socks!

23 Sep

Stitle 1ocks are no longer that daggy present your grandma gives you for Christmas- they have definitely stepped up in the fashion world! And with so many colours and styles now available, socks can actually be used as a way to determine the character of person…

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Attending A Funeral

23 Sep

FuneralIt’s a part of life we will all eventually have to face – the loss of a loved one. Attending a funeral can be one of the hardest things to do. Whilst it is a time to mourn the loss of a dear person to us, funerals are also a time to remember and celebrate them. This week is about what you need to know when attending a funeral.

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Digging Deep on a Budget…

9 Sep

images-1-1Ok so let’s face it, as young adults we’re not all super rich. We don’t live in super pricey mansions, driving our super pricey cars, whilst wearing our super pricey designer labels…
Well not yet, that is…
So until then we need to be smart with our money and make do with what we have.

It’s time to stop digging deep into your pockets, and start digging deep in to your wardrobe!

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The Pretty Peppy Peplum Is What I Like…

26 Aug

TitleUGGHHH to those days when all your clothes hate you!
They make you look fat!
They make you look ugly!
You cannot even leave the house because THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU TO WEAR!

Oh yes, I have definitely had my fair share of these torment filled days.
Well, that was until now…

Behold the Peplum Look!
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Denim Crush

12 Aug

Just like anything else in fashion, things come and go and right now denim is definitely back in! So how will you be wearing your denim this season?
Here are some denim ideas for you!

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The Floral Effect

12 Aug

Pic 2 - cropFlicking through the pages of a magazine, clicking around online, and walking in to stores has definitely proven one thing in the fashion world; the Floral Effect is a buzz!

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Me + Clothes = Love

22 Jul



Like a lot of girls, I have a serious love affair with fashion. I cannot part with it, and I like to think it could not bare to part with me either…

There’s something about looking through the glossy pages of a fashion magazine that just makes me go ga-ga! Oh the perfection of Chanel, Alex Perry, Michael Kors, Collette Dinnigan (*ahhh)

But I am a real girl. Living in the real world. And unfortunately, I havent quite perfected the science of growing money on trees yet, so basically, those beautiful glossy pages are as close as I am getting to those drool-worthy designer creations (FOR NOW).
As sad as this is, I havefound an alternative that not only gets me great bargains, but also allows me to own some designer goodies myself!

Behold the art of Op Shopping! (Thrift shopping)

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He Will Be Forever Fabulous

15 Jul

He Will Be Forever Fabulous

f147d36ee3bc11e287df22000ae803ad_6This week is ‘Someone You Should Know’. And Joe, is definitely someone you should know. Why?

When I hear the word fashion, two things come to mind. ‘New York City’ and ‘Joe Anthony’.

Confident. Quirky. Fashion Forward. Beyonce Obsessed.

But the best thing about it all; is that he knows it.


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