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Costume Designers Behind Our Favourite TV Shows

18 Oct

Who are the fashion geniuses that style your favourite TV show characters? Never thought about it before? I bet now I’ve mentioned it, you’re interested! From old favourites like Sex & the City and Friends, to our new favourites Girls and The Vampire Diaries, check out who’s in charge creating amazing costumes for our beloved TV shows. Click on their names to see their IMDb profiles and be surprised by some of the other TV shows and movies they’ve worked on…

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Coming Soon TV – American Horror Story: Coven

30 Sep

If you loved season one and two of the American Horror Story, you’re going to love season three! This time it’s set in the modern times and we are introduced to the lives of witches and voodoo…


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TV: Kris

22 Jul



Kris Jenner.
She is the backbone behind the whole Kardashian success story. Love them or hate them, she is the reason they are some of the most recognisable faces this century.

But Kris Jenner, you can evidently see, tries to live her life through her daughters. She has always wanted their fame, and now this is her opportunity to have it, and have all of the attention on her. But thankfully, she has picked something right up her alley. A talk show. If there is one thing that Kris Jenner is good at, it is talking.

So this week it premiered.


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