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Road Trip!!

7 Oct

261395_222980454402313_6497014_nRoad Trips can be fun or disastrous at any age, but they are always memorable!!

Time to create some memories!

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Video Of The Week! Jaguar vs Crocodile

30 Sep

Have you seen this video that has gone viral??
Jaguar verse Crocodile?

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23 Sep

IMG_0084Because you who wouldn’t want to sing koom-by-ya all night light over a fire?
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Positive Thinking Jar

9 Sep

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results- Willie Nelson

A DIY Project for those who believes a little positivity goes a long way!

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Minion Rush

26 Aug

IMG_2279Perfect for Something We Like Week!
We all love those Minions in Despicable Me!

We all want one!
Well now you can be one!

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Prove Someone Wrong

26 Aug

prove_them_wrong_by_j_perkinsWeird thing for a Bucket List?

No. It is just the right thing.

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Travelling on the Cheap

22 Jul

IMG_0010Travelling is the best thing you can do in life… but it definitely is expensive!!

There are your obvious expenses like accommodation and transport. They are the first major milestones to pay for… But then there are all the sneaky expenses that wrack up super fast. The food, souvenirs, going out, sight seeing, and the treats. 
Soon this cheap holiday is not so cheap, and those backup savings have disappeared.

Here are just some basic travelling tips and tricks to try and keep those savings in the account and that credit card in the wallet.

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