He Will Be Forever Fabulous

15 Jul

He Will Be Forever Fabulous

f147d36ee3bc11e287df22000ae803ad_6This week is ‘Someone You Should Know’. And Joe, is definitely someone you should know. Why?

When I hear the word fashion, two things come to mind. ‘New York City’ and ‘Joe Anthony’.

Confident. Quirky. Fashion Forward. Beyonce Obsessed.

But the best thing about it all; is that he knows it.


Creating his own hashtag to describe himself, this man knows how to get desired, wanted attention. #foreverfabulous And he does put the fabulous in fashion. Whether he is sporting Roger David shirts, dreaming about Burbury cardigans or sleeping in his Peter Alexander pajamas; he always does it in style.

“I love how fashion can project a person’s personality, without them needing to speak.”

 Clothes make or break the person, whether they realise it or not. Outfits reflect so much about how a person is feeling, how they want to feel, the attention they want to create. Fashion is not necessarily about keeping up with the latest; it is about reflecting their personality through what they wear.

“You can tell so much about a person’s likes/dislikes; whether they’re outgoing or shy, just by the clothes they wear. What I hate…It’s not so much ‘hate’ but it annoys me how some people don’t know how to dress themselves.”

As much as clothes can work in your favour, they can definitely work against someone. If you are a large girl and wearing things that are too tight and bunch in certain places, or if you are short and wearing pants that make your legs look stumpy; there are so many clothes out there, for almost any budget.

 “Dressing according to your body shape will make you feel more confident in yourself & everyone will love you for it.”

So what it is about fashion that Joe loves so much?

763c31622c6811e2b2c322000a1f9804_6“I guess I just look at the aesthetics of fashion & see how things are put together. For me, its all about having balance. I see fashion not in terms of simple articles of clothing, but as colour combinations, cuts and forms, drapery & tailoring- pairing a light, free flowing sky blue cardigan over a deep, burgundy shirt with skinny tailored black trousers.”


Who are the designers that inspire Joe to be so fabulous?

My favourite designers include Marc Jacobs, Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy, Jil Sander, Raf Simons for his own label & Dior Haute Couture, Kris Van Assche who designs for Dior Homme & his own label, Tom Ford & Christopher Bailey for Burberry. As far as Australian designers go, I love Dion Lee. All their work is just incredible.


Where does Joe want this passion to take him?

“I want to go into buying for Roger David who I work for now. Eventually I’d love to be buying for MrPorter.com – an online luxury menswear store, or working for a luxury label in the same position. For me I want to be in a position of power & as buyer, you dictate what a label/store sells to it’s public & that’s something I want to be doing. Plus I feel I could do very well at it. I just know it.”

Joe Anthony shows that life is about finding something you are passionate about. Once you find that passion, fuel the fire and do something you love. He uses other people’s achievements to help influence and motivate his future.


Follow Joe on Tumblr: http://layupundermetonite.tumblr.com



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