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Movie Review: This Is Us

4 Sep

There is something about movie documentaries of our favourite celebrities that gets us all excited! I mean, it’s one thing to see what happens in a celebrities life from what we read in the media (mostly made up rubbish I say!), it’s another to be able to see what really happens behind their heavily guarded walls. Remember how much we adored Katy Perry after watching Part of Me and how we fell in love with (even turning haters to respect) Justin Bieber in Never Say Never? Well add another great movie documentary of your favourite celebrity – well, more like celebritIES– to your list, because the hottest boyband in the world right now, ONE DIRECTION, have their very own revealing movie for you all to see.  

Get ready for This Is Us.

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Who Wore It Best? 1D!!

2 Sep

Who Wore It Best?

one-direction-vmas-getty-stephen-loveskin-staffWhat: 2013 MTV VMA’s Red Carpet Look

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We’re In The 90’s Again!!!

26 Aug

We all know with fashion things come and go… and then come back again. Recently we had the whole ‘The Great Gatsby’ 1920’s love affair all over again, but creeping in has also been the 90’s fashion. Look around and you will see the denim overalls, crop tops, neon colours, crazy prints, scrunchies, clear bags/clutches, two bun hairstyles, not to mention all the boybands and girl groups. HELLO! The 90’s have definitely come back, but don’t worry, this time they’re refined, just like us!!! Check out how you can rock the 90’s and which celebrities will be joining you…
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Latest Music

29 Jul

Feel like dancing a bit? Maybe want to party like it’s your birthday? Go ahead, we all are here at The Twenty Somethings because it’s been one whole month since we started this blog! *Happy Dance*

Instead of writing a typical review, I thought this week I’ll let you guys be the judge of the new songs. Let us know what you think… love it or hate it?

One Direction – Best Song Ever


Selena Gomez – Birthday


– Lights x