It’s All In The Socks!

23 Sep

Stitle 1ocks are no longer that daggy present your grandma gives you for Christmas- they have definitely stepped up in the fashion world! And with so many colours and styles now available, socks can actually be used as a way to determine the character of person…

Got you interested didn’t I???
Well let me begin with the fact that socks have become such a hot fashion trend- plain black or white, comfort-first-looks-second socks are no longer the norm.

These many different factors are what help us learn so much about a person…

Scenario 1Scenario 1:
A girl wearing frilly socks with her killer high heels and adorbs party dress.
She is confident in what she wears and is not afraid to do something a little daring! To be the centre of attention is at the top her list.





scen 2Scenario 2:
A guy wearing pattern socks pulled up with his pants cuffed at the bottom.
Showing off his socks, indicates he is all about keeping up appearances and is dressed to impress. There is a level of maturity in this look, but still young and trendy.




Scenario 3Scenario 3:
A girl wearing plain leather boots, with a bright sock just peeping out the top.
She is not an OTT fashionista, but has her own quirky style. She doesn’t purposely try to show off her socks; she tries to hide her bright personality, but it shines through anyway.







scenario 4Scenario 4:
A guy wearing plain socks pulled up with his converse sneakers.
This guy is all about comfort and simplicity when it comes to fashion. The shoe brand indicates he wants to stay with the trends, but is more laid back with what he wears.

These scenarios don’t even cover ⅕ of the many personalities that can be seen through what people wear on their feet. Many designers want their socks to reflect a customer’s true colours, and are passionate in making this happen.
** Robert Kardashian was zealous about socks and how they can represent an individual, and so created the sock line Arthur George**

So whatever your personality, make sure to show it through your socks!
Whether it be bright colours to show your confidence, frills to show your feminine side, cartoons to show your comical side, sports anklets to show your athletic side…
Just remember, IT’S ALL IN THE SOCKS!!!

Thanks lovelies,
Chookie xoxox


One Response to “It’s All In The Socks!”

  1. Melalish September 24, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    that knocks your sox off dudnt it !! Well done.

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