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Something Blue by Emily Giffin

26 Aug

something-blue-emily-giffinOh what another Emily Giffin Review?

Well, she is someone we like for something we like week 🙂

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Now You See Me

29 Jul


“Now You See Me” is a movie bought out this year about four illusionists who conduct bank heists on stage and give their audiences the money.

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Book: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

8 Jul

Book: Safe Haven
Author: Nicholas Sparks

IMG_0911Pretty much every woman has seen the movie, ‘The Notebook’. Well in case you were not aware, this movie was originally a book. The writer has been a worldwide favourite for many years; and his name is Nicholas Sparks.

‘Safe Haven’ is a book that has recently been produced into a movie, only proving the success of the novel. And of course, adding to the list of the books that have been turned into movies by Nicholas Sparks…

But concentrating on the book. This was a four and a half out of five. The storyline was a very deep, dramatic story that took you into the world of a woman who was running from her past. But in her case, her past was not just love, but an abusive past that had her scared to live.  This story was written in a way that does not give a lot away, and you have to continue to read it for the story to unravel. Not wanting to expose too much, that is all that will be told about the storyline…as enough was given away already.

This book will have you struggling to put it down. Although the main character is not relatable for most people, she is written in a way that you sympathise with her.

The main criticism of the book is the ending. Of course, not wanting to tell you what that is, it could have been done very differently, and not having seen the movie yet, very intrigued to see how they did it. To me, the book was written so perfectly and had you hanging to read the next chapter, I was very disappointed with the ending. But of course, subject to opinion!


Music: Avril

1 Jul

Avril Lavigne: Here’s to Never Growing Up

Avril’s latest song ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ is on the charts and she is showing she is back! The song is catchy, but somehow has some depth to the lyrics. Although not topping the charts like her last album ‘The Best Damn Thing’s first single, “Girlfriend” did, it is a great tune to listen to.

One thing that really grabbed attention in the film clip was toward the end when she goes down the school corridor in her old attire; singlet and a loose tie dangling around her neck. As she rides the skateboard, her hair is straightened like when she kick started her career a decade ago. The song does a fantastic job of incorporating how far she has come, but also how she will never grow up, like the song title explains.

Avril does a great job time and time again staying true to herself and her style, although allows herself to show her changing, and maturing as you would over a decade. She will always be the number one rock pop princess.

This song has been questioned; will it be the song for summer in North America? It just may be! This song is IN

If you want to watch it yourself, check it out here thanks to YouTube,