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The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Nov

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAViva Las Vegas Baby!!!!!!!

The Ultimate US Destination on everybody’s list!!!!

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Charity Work

4 Nov

TitleWe as young people can sometimes forget how blessed we are to live the lives that we have. Not only do we have easy access to the essential needs in life (food, running water, housing) but we also have easy access to the unnecessary goods (mobile phones, computers, clothes, cars)!

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Grand Canyon, Arizona

26 Oct

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the Seven Wonder of the Natural World, here is something for the Bucket List!!

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See ‘Wicked’ the Musical

21 Oct

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 5.20.13 PMThere is a reason this show has been on Broadway for 10 years!!!
Have you seen it?

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14 Oct

IMG_1294Winter is coming in North America….which means hundreds of keen snowboarders are on the countdown!
But have you tried this epic sport?

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Road Trip!!

7 Oct

261395_222980454402313_6497014_nRoad Trips can be fun or disastrous at any age, but they are always memorable!!

Time to create some memories!

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Run A Marathon

30 Sep

You only live once so why not make the most of it and try something new, even it’s completely out of your comfort zone!


It’s time to check your health, put those runners on, grab a couple of your mates and get ready to raise money for a charity… all by running in a marathon.

Running in marathon is a whole lot of good for you and for other people too. Not only do you get fit and healthy training to run a marathon, most marathons are made to raise money for a charity or for those in need. Don’t feel shy or feel like you have to be a fast runner to compete, there are many events out there that support people just having a go and having fun with their friends.

Not sure what marathon to start off with? I recommend The Color Run! Definitely a whole lot of fun and money raising for charities!


– Lights x


23 Sep

IMG_0084Because you who wouldn’t want to sing koom-by-ya all night light over a fire?
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Hot Air Ballooning

16 Sep

Hot Air BalloonWhy not view this world in a different way and fall in love with its beauty along the way…

We’ve all wished we could fly when growing up, and unfortunately we still smack the ground hard when we trip. Damn gravity! But there is the next best thing to flying that will send you floating high in the sky with the wind blowing through your hair… hot air ballooning! With many different deals and packages being offered these days, there is a trip in the sky to cater everyone. Soon you’ll be finding yourself singing Nelly Furtado’s, ‘I’m Like A Bird’ while you’re looking down at the world bellow.

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Complete the Rubik’s Cube

9 Sep

1351792080-rubiks-cube-originalIn respect of Budget week, this is a simple but yet all so complicated task on the Bucket List this week!!

Completing the Rubik’s Cube!

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