The Floral Effect

12 Aug

Pic 2 - cropFlicking through the pages of a magazine, clicking around online, and walking in to stores has definitely proven one thing in the fashion world; the Floral Effect is a buzz!

Whether it be flowers, petals, or leaves; these cute images are getting printed on to all sorts of clothes and accessories.

But, for those who don’t like this new trend because it seems just way too girly, think again!

Do not assume that floral is left for the pretty pastels and candy colours. Fashion designers know women and men, and what they really want. They have realised that not everybody wants that inncoent cupcake dress and cardigan to match.
People want edge. People want sass. People want that hint of Bad A**.

So what is the solution?
Mixing the floral designs with dark colours, clean cuts and fitted garments.

For the edge appeal – go with a clean, fitted blazer.
Pic 1 - Blazer

For the sass – how about this cropped bustier.
 Pic 2 - crop

For the Bad A** – a Dr. Martin styled boot will be perfection!
Pic 3 - Dr Martins

As long as you pair your floral piece with the right shoes, accessories or garments, there is no way you will look Too Girly…

**Remember Styling is key!

But for those who love all things feminine, and want to embrace flower power, then by all means GO FOR IT!
Here are some ideas for the gals that want to show off thir sweet side…
Pic 4 - sweet

 – Chookie xox


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