The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Nov

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAViva Las Vegas Baby!!!!!!!

The Ultimate US Destination on everybody’s list!!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALas Vegas is one of those destinations on everybody’s bucket list. 
It is honestly a fantastic place, that will blow your mind!!!

When you arrive in the airport, immediately you are welcomed, before you even hit the baggage claim, by pokie machines!
Who needs your luggage, when you can gamble! Welcome to Vegas!
The awesomeness of the airport doesn’t cease there though. To get taken to your baggage claim, you get to take a tram! It is so cool! You do not have to walk, you just get zoomed there!

Now. Something You Need To Know!
Vegas is not just a strip in the desert (like I thought…) It is huge!!!
Unless you have 10-14 days in Vegas, you cannot do it all… There is too much to do!!! This article is based purely on activities to do on The Strip, and like we said, this is no where close to being all of them.

Things You Can Do! 
There is so much more than on this list!

Bellagio Fountains:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have seen all the movies. These fountains are gorgeous.
They are a sight for sure.

From 6pm until midnight they have a show every 15 minutes all night! And each show is different!
This 8 acre fountain area has multiple fountains across the area, so you just never know where the fountains will spray from, and to what song they will play.

And the best part about these.
The beauties are free entertainment right on the centre of The Strip.

Caesars Palace:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether it just be to walk on the ground of those in ‘The Hangover’ movie, or appreciate the feel of Greece, there is something for everyone.

Caesar’s is gorgeous!
There are fountains, the casino, and the gift shop. Oh, the gift shop? This by far is the best priced casino souvenir shop around! There are some awesome gifts in there, for some awesome prices.

And it just keeps going! Just when you think you have got to the end…

Caesar’s is also connected to ‘Forum Shops’. This is a mini-mall with high end brands to do some expensive shopping. Even if you cannot afford it, it is still fun to look!

World’s Largest Gift Shop:


We suggest taking the bus or taxi here, unless you are in the walking mood. This gift shop is up toward the stratosphere. But it is awesome!

If you love your tacky tourist items, this is your one stop shop.
It has everything from slot machine money tins to poker chip pillows.

And really, it is huge… And cheap!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA bit up the strip, past Treasure Island and about a 20 minute walk is the great stratosphere.
Your above the clouds theme park. (Wow, that is not the slogan, but I think it should be their new one!)

This building has on its top floors a roller coaster, a giant drop and a bungee drop.

If adrenaline pumping is your thing, this is the place for you.

It is about 30 bucks a ride, but there are some deals if you do a few of them, or repeat. Something to look into.





The Venetian:


What isn’t gorgeous about the Venetian….

The building is gorgeous, the club, Tao, is one of the best on the Strip, the toilets are my favourite the whole strip, the casino is so clean and…like we said, there is nothing negative to say about this beauty.

But another activity for under $20 per person is a gondola ride!

For 12-15 minutes, you choose whether to do the inside or outside route, and enjoy a four person gondola ride around the Venetian river. Or you can have a private ride for two for $79 bucks.

Great cute date idea, or if you have a group of friends, jump right in!

New York, New York


Like many places in Vegas, this place is awesome and a must visit.

There is the Coyote Ugly Bar, an arcade (perfect for children and adults alike), a casino downstairs, a few shops, a candy station…. what is not here.

Oh, and did we mention the roller coaster? This taxi roller coaster is a must do!
It is way scarier than you think, and it just keeps going! It is fantastic!
It is only $14 dollars for a ride, and $7 for a re-ride.
Our clues to you is make sure you strap yourself in tight, because you honestly feel like you are going to fall out (you won’t), but help yourself feel better.Be aware they do not let photography once you are on the deck, or standing near it to take photos of your friends… There is a security guard waiting to literally stop you from doing so. So if you want photos in the roller coaster, you can get two photos for $21.

Rio Rooftop:


There is a club, 51 storeys high!
On some weekdays, there is no cover charge…and on those nights, the club itself is pretty lame, but it is worth it to see this amazing view for free! Photos do not do this justice. This rooftop is the perfect way to see Vegas at its best. The lights of the strip are absolutely amazing!
If you are staying on the strip, be aware you will need to taxi there. There is no point trying to cheap out and think you can walk, because it is really far…and there is a giant highway between you.



This place is delicious.
No, it is not the world’s cheapest place to eat, but lets be honest, no where in Vegas is… Unless you want to eat Fast Food.
Margaritaville has an upstairs and downstairs area, plenty of space, with a relaxed atmosphere. Its food is delicious! And good servings! They were super busy when we went, and the staff were still all smiling and racing around a million miles an hour. The food came out in a timely manner.

The bar downstairs is really awesome. It has a drinking activities on quite often and a good atmosphere.

Great place to eat!

Now remember that this is only a few activities on (or about) The Strip. 
There are so so many to do, this article would go on a while….
But here are just some cool ideas to look into!

– Jecca xoxo


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