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TV: Kris

22 Jul



Kris Jenner.
She is the backbone behind the whole Kardashian success story. Love them or hate them, she is the reason they are some of the most recognisable faces this century.

But Kris Jenner, you can evidently see, tries to live her life through her daughters. She has always wanted their fame, and now this is her opportunity to have it, and have all of the attention on her. But thankfully, she has picked something right up her alley. A talk show. If there is one thing that Kris Jenner is good at, it is talking.

So this week it premiered.


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You Keep Losing Him…

15 Jul

What To Do When…You Keep Losing Him…


IMG_20130713_193357So you had the guy interested, you gave him your number, you went on a few dates and it was going really well. There were the cute text messages, he called you when he was supposed to…and then he just stopped.

Well, there are things you just shouldn’t say to a guy. And the worst part is that you don’t know you are saying the wrong thing….

Especially when you first start dating.

Think back; did you say these things?

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Martha Stewart

15 Jul

Martha Stewart

When I think of ‘do it yourself’ projects,  the first famous person that comes to my mind is Martha Stewart, and that is why she is our first ‘Someone You Should Know’ for DIY here at The Twenty Somethings.

She may be 71-years-old (here I was thinking she was only in her 50’s!!!), but Martha still knows what is in an out with her versatile talents with food, crafts, parties and shopping.

Be sure to check out her website and don’t forget to also check out videos from her TV show, where she brings on special guests to show you how to make things and also gives you great advice.

– Lights x

He’s No Good For You!

8 Jul

You’re with a guy, at first it’s amazing! You fell for him. Time spent together was fun, exciting and then it turns … sour. He’s cheating on you, lying, using you, ditching you! Your friends say he shouldn’t be treating you like that!!!
Your stuck because your feelings for him are still strong, but deep down you know you should leave the relationship. You just don’t know how.

Does this sound like you?

*This post is dedicated to all my friends who have left those rotten d**** and ended up finding their perfect guys. It was hard at the start… but the end results were amazing!

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