Why You Need Coconut Oil Right Now!

5 Apr

So your hair is feeling like a birds nest and your skin is feeling rougher than sandpaper? And now you have a headache because you don’t know which beauty product out of the hundreds on shelf in front of you are legitimately going to fix this? It’s alright, take a deep breath and now repeat after me, ‘Coconut Oil is all I need!’.

Coconut Oil

Come on, we all deserve more than just a temporary fix these days when it comes to keeping our hair and skin soft, healthy and smooth. All these new and apparently improved chemically filled cosmetic products are starting to get a little bit overwhelming to choose from. Plus, what’s the point of using them anyway if things will be just the same as when we first started once we finish the bottle?

So why coconut oil I hear you ask?

For many years coconut oil become a NO GO zone for many people once they found out it contained roughly 90% of saturated fat. But the difference is, this saturated fat is actually good for us in small doses! Unlike other highly saturated fats, coconut oil is mostly made up of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), so in other words it’s a GOOD thing! Some benefits of getting coconut oil into your diet include boosts in our metabolism to aid weight loss, improve heart health, helps our immune system the list really goes on.

Check out Eat Drink Paleo to see the whole list.

Extra Virgin Coconut OilSo how to use this miracle oil from mother nature herself? First you will need to go down to your local health food store to find Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Make sure it is cold pressed, this means the oil is in its most natural form. When you get home, separate the coconut oil into another jar if you wish to use it for both your body and food.

Here are some simple and very easy ideas for you to help keep your hair and skin looking luscious and radiate like Miranda Kerr, who is a BIG fan of coconut oil herself.


  • Grab around two-four tablespoons (depending on the length of your hair) of coconut oil and place it in a small container that can sit in hot water. You’ll need to warm the oil without using your microwave as the microwave takes out the goodness.
  • Once the oil has turned to a warm liquid, apply it to your slightly dampened hair and cover with a shower cap.
  • Leave it in anywhere from half an hour to overnight, then wash it out.

Depending on what you prefer, you can wash it out with a gentle shampoo or just use conditioner. You can do this one or two times a week. You can also use a tiny bit of the oil after you’ve styled your hair, to remove the frizz on humid days.


Just like for the hair, warm the coconut oil so it turns to liquid (make sure though it’s not hot, just slightly warm) so you can spread it into your skin just like a moisturizer. The best thing about using coconut oil on the skin is it absorbs well without leaving a sticky residue. The moisturizers you find in the supermarket contain mostly water which only makes the skin dry up, so really you’re only getting a temporary fix. You can also add white sugar or salt (whichever you prefer) to the oil and use it as a exfoliating scrub you can rinse off.


Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr is a fan of coconut oil and personally uses it herself. She’s been reported saying she likes to use coconut oil as dressing in her salads instead of other oils that aren’t as great for us. She also likes to add a teaspoon of coconut oil to her green tea. Try replacing the oils you use for cooking with coconut oil because it has a higher heat stability which means it can take higher heats than other oils, making it perfect for majority of your dishes. I recommend when it comes to consumption, build yourself up to using coconut oil in your everyday life.
But remember, when consuming you don’t want to go over four teaspoons otherwise it becomes no good for your health.
Keep everything you consume into moderation.

These are just some very easy ideas for you to start using coconut oil in your life. Be sure to let us know how your experiences go!

– Lights x

*photos are not ours*


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