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You Hate Your Job

30 Sep

hate-your-jobBecause it is Unhealthy to be Unhappy

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Why You Should Have Travel Insurance

23 Sep

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou don’t plan for accidents to happen. You don’t plan to get sick. You also don’t plan for flights to get delayed, natural disasters to happen or for baggage to disappear. But unfortunately, these things do happen.

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Canada and Australia

15 Jul

Canada & Australia: Taylor Whiteman.
Someone You Should Know

canadian_riot_540As a fourteen year old sitting in Maths class, and dreading the class ahead I was very excited when a new teacher walked in. Then she started talking and suddenly everyone’s attention was on her.
“So where in America are you from?”
Her face. I will never forget and how angry she was.
“I’m Canadian,” she replied and then offered the advice, “Never get the two confused.”

For the rest of the semester I could not understand why she would get so uptight about the language thing… like big whoop. Until I moved overseas… and continuously get mistaken for a New Zealander. Then I get annoyed. It is not that I have anything against Kiwis, but it is weird how you automatically get defensive in another country when someone gets your nationality wrong.

And this leads me to this weeks travel entry.

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