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Charity Work

4 Nov

TitleWe as young people can sometimes forget how blessed we are to live the lives that we have. Not only do we have easy access to the essential needs in life (food, running water, housing) but we also have easy access to the unnecessary goods (mobile phones, computers, clothes, cars)!

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Spring/Summer 2014 Is All About The Yellow!

23 Sep


Those in the Northern Hemisphere are saying goodbye to their warm days and hello to their spine chilling nights. But it’s not all dull and gloomy for them this year, say hello to the hottest colour this season that will keep us all bright and fashionably happy… Yellow!

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Flashback…To the Roaring Twenties!

19 Aug

Perhaps title pictureThe Roaring Twenties; a decade that brought a distinctive cultural edge to the world – Jazz music blossomed, the flapper redefined womanhood, and Art-deco peaked- especially in New York City, Chicago, Paris, Berlin & London.

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – By Deborah Moggach

12 Aug

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Dream Destinations!

29 Jul

Imagine if you could travel the world without worrying how much the flight will cost or how much the accommodation will be!

How amazing would that be?

Now for a very few lucky and privileged people, this is their reality… buuuut for the rest of us, we can only dream. *siiiiiigh* Here are some ‘not so typical’ dream destinations where the prices are ridiculous and the luxury is bursting from the seams!

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Who Wore It Best?

15 Jul

What: Black Michael Kors Summer/Spring 2013 Collection Dress

Who: Gwyneth Paltrow Vs. Myleene Klass

Gwen and Myleene have a lot in common; they are both talented, both drop dead gorgeous (*sigh*) and both mothers to beautiful children. It’s nice to see such lovely ladies living such lovely lives. However, there is such a thing as “over-sharing”, when the imitation of each others lifestyles becomes a little OTT… I’m talking about the important issues people, I’m talking about when they start WEARING THE SAME THING!

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Anna Wintour

15 Jul

Anna Wintour
Known for her large sunglasses, pageboy haircut and ‘icy’ personality, England born Anna Wintour is the second longest running editor-in-chief of the American magazine Vogue.

You may love her or you may hate her, you may even say she is the real-life Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, but there is no denying Anna is one of the most influential people in the world of fashion and magazines… and this is why she is our first ‘Someone You Should Know’ in fashion here at The Twenty Somethings.

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