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Who Wore It Best? Alyssa Milano vs Rosie Huntington

14 Oct

Rosie VS AlyssaWHAT: Stella McCartney Black Wool Jumpsuit

WHO: Alyssa Milano VS Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

There would be no need for this if the two beauties, Alyssa and Rosie, had not BOTH been snapped wearing such a daring cut-out jumpsuit by English designer Stella McCartney. Any other jumpsuit would have bored us, and we would let it be. But this bold look has us intrigued, and initiated another round of WHO WORE IT BEST!?

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Au Revoir Marc Jacobs!

7 Oct

TitleFrench luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton says goodbye to their most innovative and cherished Creative Director, Marc Jacobs.

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The Perf Pant

8 Jul

AAAACommon Fact: Women delude themselves into thinking that “Tight. Expensive. Uncomfortable.’ is the only option to ensure they will look good in a pair of pants.

Did you know? They are sadly mistaken. Ladies, look no further, as I have found “The Perf Pants”. Behold the Peg Trousers!

Okay, so the word ‘trousers’ doesn’t exactly tickle you pink. I used to associate the word with a fifty-something year old woman sitting at her desk-job hating on life… But my view has officially changed with these pants! I seriously could not believe how comfortable these salmon coloured loose fitting beauties really were when I first tried them on. Think ‘trackie pants’ but classier one hundred-fold.

Where to Wear: These trousers can be worn anywhere, anytime; shopping day with the girls, to work , whilst travelling (in the air, by sea, or on the road), dropping the kids to school, dining out… truly anywhere. It all depends on how you style the look.

For a more casual approach, team the Peg Trousers with a belt, plain tee shirt, some ballet flats and of course never forget to accessorise!

To dress it up, go for a long sleeve blouse, some chunky heels, statement jewellery and your good to go!

These classy bottoms have become my favourite fashion piece. By thinking outside the square and not conforming to those silly notions of what a pant should cost and how it should feel in order to look

– Chookie