Carving Halloween Pumpkins

29 Oct

924b9bc83f8a11e3a2ce22000a1fa411_7It is that time of year everyone!!!

Only a few days left until Halloween!
Your last chances to carve those Pumpkins!

But Never Done it?
Here is how!

Step 1: Buy a Pumpkin. It does not matter if there is a flat side, use that as your carving side. Make sure your pumpkin is washed.


image-1Step 2: Get right in there! Using a small sharp knife cut a circle around the top of the pumpkin. Once the whole way around, use the knob at the top to pull out the top. Do not discard of this ‘lid’! You will need it later!

Step 3: Pull out all the pumpkin insides! Stick your hand in there! Pull out all the seeds and as many of those stringy bits as you can. Try to clean it up as much in there as possible. A spoon we found really helpful to help scrape those last hanging strings in there.


Picking the design….Google Images has 1000s of ideas to look at.
Then once you have picked it out, you can either draw it straight on your pumpkin.
Because I picked Mickey Mouse and I am not a fantastic artist, I drew it on a piece of paper first, to see if it could work first.
Once you have decided on your picture, either stencil or free hand draw it onto your pumpkin using a marker.



Step 5: Using a small sharp knife slowly follow your stencil .
Take your time. Rushing may result in you ruining your design or cutting somewhere you were not supposed to…


Step 6: It is that simple! You are all done!!

Stick a candle, lights, or small torch in the pumpkin and turn all the lights off. Happy Halloween!image

This is obviously the basic instructions for beginners. This way my first pumpkin carving, and I know there are heaps of techniques and tricks to making the pumpkins look amazing!

Remember if you are using a candle, never leave your pumpkin unattended!!!

– Jecca xoxo


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