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Meet Chookie

8 Jul

Hello My Lovelies,

IMG_20130704_121144I am proud to say that I am bordering my twenties, and look forward to what lies ahead in the next chapter of life… But for now, I am living it up on the Gold Coast of Australia, working in fashion retail and volunteering at the local Op Shop whilst in my Gap Year from university.

I would like to say that Im a typical young woman who LOVES fashion, hair, make-up and all things girly full stop… But it really doesnt end there. I’m also a huge dork who is a major history nut, likes country music, reads and collects old books, drinks tea religiously, is a frequent Op Shopper, and has a strange (yet incredibly awesome) infatuation with anything vintage…

Style and fashion is my passion, so you will be seeing my name accompanied by some sort of a fashion article on The Twenty Somethings…

Thanks for checking out the blog lovelies, hope you enjoy all it has to offer…

– Chookie xox


Hi I’m Jecca!

1 Jul


sippingIf you are reading this I thankyou for checking out our blog!

I am a 21 year old from Gold Coast, Australia, who is travelling and living in Canada. Graduating university last year, I realised I wanted nothing to do with what I had been studying and jetsetted off for new experiences and a new appreciation.

My love for coffee is excessive; and anything sweet. When I am not making, drinking or thinking about coffee, I am writing stories or eating… My love for food is embarrassing! I love the snow, the colour red and online shopping. A known fact about me is that I wish I lived in the 1950s, and my favourite TV show is ‘I Love Lucy’.

As much as Lights and I will be doing a little bit of everything, I will mostly be writing for the travel section, here at The Twenty Somethings, but you will see my name all over the place!

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and the new posts we will be bringing to you each week! 🙂

– Jecca

Hiiiii, I’m Lights…

30 Jun

Keeping It CuteIt’s nice to meet you!!!

I’m a 20-year-old girl living on the Gold Coast in Australia. Last year I graduated from Griffith University majoring in Journalism and Writing.

When I’m not sleeping (which is a lot!), shopping, writing or hanging out with friends and family, you can find me working at one of the local theme parks!

Some things I like are coffees and teas, rain, reading, collecting journals to write in, ONESIES, old vintage keys and of course my cute little guinea pig, Jasper!!!

I’ll be mostly writing about beauty and fashion as well as some ‘do it yourself’ pieces here at The Twenty Somethings. Be sure to keep an eye out as I will also be writing some reviews in the future, as well as travelling, things to put on your bucket list and giving some advice in our ‘What To Do When…’ section.

I hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy making it and thank you for checking us out! 😀

– Lights x