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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

7 Oct

cloudy-with-a-chance-of-meatballs-2-bill-haderWhen the sequels keep on rolling… 

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Sam and Cat Review

7 Oct

Sam_and_Cat_Pose_002Sam and Cat is a new show produced by Nickelodeon and shown on multiple kids channels across the world.
The show is a double-spin off. Sam from the hit show iCarly and Cat from the show ‘Victorious’ come together to create more laughs and chaos. But will it last? Continue reading

Big Brother Australia – Saturday Showdown

12 Aug

Big Brother has been around for so long, I think I can skip the whole introduction into what the show is about. What I want to review today is new games night introduced just last week called the Saturday Showdown, previously known as the Friday Night Live.


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You Wished You Lived in the 1950s

29 Jul


When life seemed like perfection.
(Minus the whole sexist, racist, wars and what not thing we had going on….)
Putting aside all the big issues….just go with it. We are talking about the little things.

The dresses. The music. The simplicity. The diners. The happy families. The advertisements. The dancing.

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TV: Kris

22 Jul



Kris Jenner.
She is the backbone behind the whole Kardashian success story. Love them or hate them, she is the reason they are some of the most recognisable faces this century.

But Kris Jenner, you can evidently see, tries to live her life through her daughters. She has always wanted their fame, and now this is her opportunity to have it, and have all of the attention on her. But thankfully, she has picked something right up her alley. A talk show. If there is one thing that Kris Jenner is good at, it is talking.

So this week it premiered.


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TV: North America

15 Jul

North America

images-1Documentaries have never been something that I have been able to sit down and enjoy. Who wants to listen to a male with a deep voice make something very dramatic that is not even dramatic…

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