The Pretty Peppy Peplum Is What I Like…

26 Aug

TitleUGGHHH to those days when all your clothes hate you!
They make you look fat!
They make you look ugly!
You cannot even leave the house because THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU TO WEAR!

Oh yes, I have definitely had my fair share of these torment filled days.
Well, that was until now…

Behold the Peplum Look!

Old fashion peplum
This style of clothing has honestly become my superficial life saver in regards to fashion!
Whenever I put a peplum piece on, it peps me up and makes me feel pretty

I suppose it’s the way it hugs all the right places, and hides all the wrong.

Peplum topFor instance, the Peplum Shirt:
It hugs the chest area and down to the smallest part of the waist. THEN POW! Flairs out so the belly is covered, without showing the (ahem) lovely details of our (ahem again) toned abs… Instant hourglass figure!



Peplum skirtThe Peplum Skirt:
It is high-waisted, starting at the smallest part of the waist. Then the POW flairs out over the hips (in a non-fat looking way) for the purpose of the hourglass look. Then, hugs at mid-thigh and down, to show some gorgeous curve!







Peplum dress

The Peplum Dress:
It literally incorporates that of the shirt and skirt. Hugs at the top. POW at the smallest part of the waist. Hugs from mid-thigh down. Perfection!

This fashion style is literally a confidence booster! The look has been worn, experimented with, and loved by women of all shapes and sizes for decades, as it achieves that feminine sexy hourglass figure look. And really, who doesn’t want that!?

I honestly recommend all the ladies to purchase at least one Peplum piece. It is extremely versatile; you can dress it up or dress it down, make it business or make it casual. Whatever you choose, make THE PRETTY PEPPY PEPLUM look your own.

Stay stylish lovelies!
Chookie xoxox


One Response to “The Pretty Peppy Peplum Is What I Like…”

  1. Mumsie August 28, 2013 at 4:22 pm #

    Love the peplum too

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