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Why You Need Coconut Oil Right Now!

5 Apr

So your hair is feeling like a birds nest and your skin is feeling rougher than sandpaper? And now you have a headache because you don’t know which beauty product out of the hundreds on shelf in front of you are legitimately going to fix this? It’s alright, take a deep breath and now repeat after me, ‘Coconut Oil is all I need!’.

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‘Baby Lips’ Lip Balm by Maybelline

2 Nov

Want lips as soft and as smooth as a baby’s butt?
Saaaaay whaaaaat?!

Maybelline didn’t exactly call it ‘Baby Butts Lips Balm’, but I’m sure if it didn’t sound so weird they would have! This will leave your lips feeling as soft and supple as… well like I said, a baby’s butt!

Don’t know what I’m talking about?
Let me introduce you one of my favourite lip balms by Maybelline…

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Maintain Your Eyebrows

30 Sep

perfect-eyebrowNow that you know
What Eyebrow Suits Your Face,
it’s time to find out how to maintain them. So what options are available for you? It’s time to tweeze, wax, thread, trim, tint or even tattoo your eyebrows into the best shape they’ve ever been! Continue reading

Fake Lash Attack

16 Sep

Fake LashesIt’s time to stop dreaming about the perfect lashes and time start wearing them – with the help of fake lashes, duh! It’s already September, which means from here on in you’re going to be booked with parties. And where’s the best place to show of your pretty new lashes? At a good old party of course! Not sure which type of lashes you should go for? Keep reading to find out…  

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In-shower Body Lotion by Nivea

12 Sep

Are you still waiting to put your clothes on after moisturizing? Waiting around for it to dry? Maybe you skip the whole routine (you naughty thing!) because you just don’t have the time? Well that was sooo yesterday, keep up guys!! Nivea is now making it easier for us to all keep our skin soft and supple with the first In-Shower Body Lotion!  Now there is no excuse to not moisturize!

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DIY Beauty Pampering

19 Aug

Oatmeal and Yogurt Face MaskBefore all those fancy and very $$$ spa’s and salons, if us ladies (and no doubt some men too) wanted a bit of pampering, we simply did it ourselves at home. And why should things change? Not only does ‘do it yourself’ pampering contain less chemicals and harmful things for us, it’s also cheaper and we can tend to use the simple ingredients and items already found in our house.

Want smooth skin, hydrated hair and soft hands and feet? Look no further – here are some DIY pampers you won’t be able to resist!

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Pan-Cake To BB Cream Coverage

22 Jul

If you don’t have much money to spend, buying beauty products can be a little bit difficult… especially when it comes to foundations!!! But the thing is, all of us have different needs when it comes to the perfect coverage. I thought this week I would show you the cheap options for those who need max coverage to those who only need a little. Do you need the Pan-Cake or the BB cream coverage?
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Simple Side Twist

22 Jul

When it comes to styling hair, I don’t like to put too much fuss into it. If I’m going to be completely honest, I really only know three styles; straight/curly down, the ponytail and the messy bun. If you’re like me, sometimes you get a bit bored with the same old same, so here is a little something I like to call the Simple Side Twist to try yourself.

The Simple Side Twist can be added to many different styles, this one is added to the good old straight hair.

Grab a section of hair from one side and twist it, grab a small section of hair behind and add it to the twist you’ve made. Continue the twist as far as you desire, be sure to keep adding the hair as you go.


Slightly release the twist of hair to give it a bit of volume, then clip it back with a bobby pin or, for a little bit of glam, add a big statement piece like this flower. To keep it lasting, spray a little bit of hairspray.


And there you have it, a very simple hairstyle with a big effect.

– Lights x

Beach Babe Waves

22 Jul

Beach babe textured waves:

Wanting that care-free-yet-absolutley-gorgeous look that all those beach babes seem to have? Well fret no more, I got you covered!

With these simple steps, you can have those summer wavy locks all year round!

All that is needed:

-Curl Controller (Suggested Garnier Fructis Style- Thermo Active Spray Curl Control)

-Hair Straightener

-Hair Mousse (Suggested Herbal Essence Set Me Up Mousse)

-Your gorgeous locks!



Step 1:

Prep hair by applyinga Curl stay product to damp hair









Step 2:

IMG_20130716_030458Part hair down the middle, and divide hair into 3-5 sections on one side. Then divide hair on the other side.





Step 3:

IMG_20130716_030808Get one section of hair, and split in to two. Twist hair as tightly as possible, working down to the ends.


Step 4:

IMG_20130716_031058Run a hair straightner over the twisted hair, hold until it cools.

Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 with other sections of hair.


Step 5:

Apply mouse to all twisted sections of hair. Leave the hair in twisted sections for as long as needed – 15- 30 mins (the longer it stays in, the better the results).


Step 6:

PhotoGrid_1373952374573Untwist hair, and break up any remaing twists by running fingers through hair.


Twisty Bun

22 Jul

For a lot of customer service, health or hospitality jobs; having your hair up is part of dress code…

Or those days when the sun is blaring or the air conditioning feels faint, all you want is your hair up. But it gets boring wearing a bun everyday….

Well here is just something you may like to try. We call it “The Twisty Bun” because you twist the hair into a bun…. Original.

Your hair has to be long enough to put into a bun for this….just FYI.

Step 1:

Part your hair down the middle into two sections, like they were going into pigtails.

Step 2:

On one side, grab a top layer section of hair and pull backwards. Then begin to twist it until tight.


Step 3:

Grab another section of hair beneath your top layer. (Done easier with your other hand). And then begin to twist into top layer’s twist.

Then repeat all the way down until you are approximately behind your ear.



Step 4:

Twist all remaining hair into a ponytail and pull down behind the ear.


Step 5:

Secure the ponytail. Remember that directly tying it with a hair tie will not hold it and it will all untwist faster than you twisted it….

I did the grossey Josie and held it in my mouth….


Step 6:

Repeat on the other side of your head.

Step 7:

Once completed, you will definitely need two hands.

Criss cross your twisted ponytails across one another and then continue to twist them around one another.


Step 8:

Once completed, twist it into a ball/ bun shape and secure with hair tie. If you do not feel it will stay, use a second hair tie to resecure. Remember that bobby pins are your best friend for twisted hair.


Step 9:

Once you feel your bun is secure, you are ready to go! it is kind of like an old time princess mixed with modern professional.