Denim Crush

12 Aug

Just like anything else in fashion, things come and go and right now denim is definitely back in! So how will you be wearing your denim this season?
Here are some denim ideas for you!






You can’t go wrong with the good old jeans.

Around the world we are in a transition from cold to hot, or hot to cold. Jeans are perfect for this in-between weather. Depending on your size will depend on what colour you should choose! Darker colours work best for those who are larger sized, while lighter colours can be worn by those who are smaller sized. The denim jeans being crushed on at the moment are the ankle crop.

ankle crop jeans


Denim isn’t just for the legs.

Instead of wearing the good old pair of jeans, why not mix it up and wear a denim shirt instead? Materials of shirts these days can be made to look like denim so there are heavier and lighter choices. The great thing about this is the different shades of colours and styles that can be accessorised to look just that little bit classy or can be kept neutral for that classic casual look.

denim shirt*

Jump on into a denim jumpsuit!

Love denim so much jeans alone won’t do? Well why not try a denim jumpsuit! You’ve seen the denim overalls before but this is taking it one step further. Depending on the design and cuttings of the jumpsuit, you can wear singlets underneath (plain or even printed) or you can just wear that and nothing else, like Rihanna has done here. Is that enough denim for you?

Denim Jumpsuit


For an extra touch of warmth and denim.

Maybe not too keen on a jumpsuit? If you like a little bit of denim to be worn somewhere else apart from on your legs, try a denim hoodie! The best thing about these is they can give an edgy to casual look, perfect for those cool nights. Lighter shades are popular right now, so head down to the shops before they all sell out!

denim hooded


What’s your favourite denim look?
Comment bellow or hashtag us on Twitter/Instagram – thetwentysomethings

-Lights x


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