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Mike WiLL Made-It — 23 ft. Miley Cyrus, Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

14 Oct

Some Big Names in one song, but does it have the ability to hit the charts?

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Ylvis- The Fox

23 Sep

ylvis-fox-650-430What did the fox say?
With over 38 and a half million views on Youtube, do you know what it says?

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Latest Buzz In Music – Lorde

12 Aug

LordeWith a stare like Dakota Fanning, slight resemblance to Kylie Jenner and curls to give Shakira a run for her money, some say she is the new Lana Del Rey. This new wonder is Ella Yelich-O’Connor. You can her ‘Queen B’ but to the music world, she’s known as Lorde. And bow down you will once you hear her amazing voice. Did I mention she is only 16? Continue reading

Latest Music

29 Jul

Feel like dancing a bit? Maybe want to party like it’s your birthday? Go ahead, we all are here at The Twenty Somethings because it’s been one whole month since we started this blog! *Happy Dance*

Instead of writing a typical review, I thought this week I’ll let you guys be the judge of the new songs. Let us know what you think… love it or hate it?

One Direction – Best Song Ever


Selena Gomez – Birthday


– Lights x

Demi Lovato: Heart Attack

15 Jul

Music Review!


Demi Lovato brings out “Heart Attack”.

Although this song has been out from almost a year, it is only rocking up the charts now. Not hitting number one but staying in the Top 20, this song shows the new Demi.

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Miley Cyrus: We Can’t Stop

8 Jul

Music: Miley Cyrus
“We Can’t Stop”


Miley Cyrus has always known how to bring attention to herself, and it doesn’t stop with her latest film clip for the summer anthem, “We Can’t Stop”. We just don’t know if it is good or bad… Or if it is good or bad attention she wants?

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Music: Avril

1 Jul

Avril Lavigne: Here’s to Never Growing Up

Avril’s latest song ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ is on the charts and she is showing she is back! The song is catchy, but somehow has some depth to the lyrics. Although not topping the charts like her last album ‘The Best Damn Thing’s first single, “Girlfriend” did, it is a great tune to listen to.

One thing that really grabbed attention in the film clip was toward the end when she goes down the school corridor in her old attire; singlet and a loose tie dangling around her neck. As she rides the skateboard, her hair is straightened like when she kick started her career a decade ago. The song does a fantastic job of incorporating how far she has come, but also how she will never grow up, like the song title explains.

Avril does a great job time and time again staying true to herself and her style, although allows herself to show her changing, and maturing as you would over a decade. She will always be the number one rock pop princess.

This song has been questioned; will it be the song for summer in North America? It just may be! This song is IN

If you want to watch it yourself, check it out here thanks to YouTube,