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Why You Need Coconut Oil Right Now!

5 Apr

So your hair is feeling like a birds nest and your skin is feeling rougher than sandpaper? And now you have a headache because you don’t know which beauty product out of the hundreds on shelf in front of you are legitimately going to fix this? It’s alright, take a deep breath and now repeat after me, ‘Coconut Oil is all I need!’.

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‘Baby Lips’ Lip Balm by Maybelline

2 Nov

Want lips as soft and as smooth as a baby’s butt?
Saaaaay whaaaaat?!

Maybelline didn’t exactly call it ‘Baby Butts Lips Balm’, but I’m sure if it didn’t sound so weird they would have! This will leave your lips feeling as soft and supple as… well like I said, a baby’s butt!

Don’t know what I’m talking about?
Let me introduce you one of my favourite lip balms by Maybelline…

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A Little Pleather Never Hurt Nobody!

1 Nov

titleThe organic smell of genuine leather- to me, there is no better scent! Leather is a quality material and has no equal. However, there is a great alternative that feels great, looks great, and is much more affordable… Pleather!

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Costume Designers Behind Our Favourite TV Shows

18 Oct

Who are the fashion geniuses that style your favourite TV show characters? Never thought about it before? I bet now I’ve mentioned it, you’re interested! From old favourites like Sex & the City and Friends, to our new favourites Girls and The Vampire Diaries, check out who’s in charge creating amazing costumes for our beloved TV shows. Click on their names to see their IMDb profiles and be surprised by some of the other TV shows and movies they’ve worked on…

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Who Wore It Best? Alyssa Milano vs Rosie Huntington

14 Oct

Rosie VS AlyssaWHAT: Stella McCartney Black Wool Jumpsuit

WHO: Alyssa Milano VS Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

There would be no need for this if the two beauties, Alyssa and Rosie, had not BOTH been snapped wearing such a daring cut-out jumpsuit by English designer Stella McCartney. Any other jumpsuit would have bored us, and we would let it be. But this bold look has us intrigued, and initiated another round of WHO WORE IT BEST!?

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Au Revoir Marc Jacobs!

7 Oct

TitleFrench luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton says goodbye to their most innovative and cherished Creative Director, Marc Jacobs.

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Who Wore It Best? Kardashian vs Jenner

7 Oct

kylie vs khloeWHAT: The All Leather Look
WHO: Kylie Jenner Vs. Khloe Kardashian

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Maintain Your Eyebrows

30 Sep

perfect-eyebrowNow that you know
What Eyebrow Suits Your Face,
it’s time to find out how to maintain them. So what options are available for you? It’s time to tweeze, wax, thread, trim, tint or even tattoo your eyebrows into the best shape they’ve ever been! Continue reading

What Eyebrow Suits Your Face?

23 Sep

You wouldn’t believe how much we subconsciously look at the eyebrows and the effects they have on our face. That’s why we keep them brushed, filled and tidy. But what if your eyebrows aren’t the right match for you face? Find out which eyebrow shape will flatter your features, not spoil them!

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Spring/Summer 2014 Is All About The Yellow!

23 Sep


Those in the Northern Hemisphere are saying goodbye to their warm days and hello to their spine chilling nights. But it’s not all dull and gloomy for them this year, say hello to the hottest colour this season that will keep us all bright and fashionably happy… Yellow!

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