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Dream Destinations!

29 Jul

Imagine if you could travel the world without worrying how much the flight will cost or how much the accommodation will be!

How amazing would that be?

Now for a very few lucky and privileged people, this is their reality… buuuut for the rest of us, we can only dream. *siiiiiigh* Here are some ‘not so typical’ dream destinations where the prices are ridiculous and the luxury is bursting from the seams!

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Travis Pastrana

15 Jul

This is not so much an entry of what to put on your bucket list, this is an entry to go with our theme!

TPTravis Pastrana.
Travis who?
Winning championships, gold medal and making history at X-Games, is the creator of the show and stunt group Nitro Circus and now competes in NASCAR.
Still not ringing a bell? Well… what about the guy who jumped out of an aeroplane after throwing down a red bull in those advertisements a few years ago? That guy!

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