Me + Clothes = Love

22 Jul



Like a lot of girls, I have a serious love affair with fashion. I cannot part with it, and I like to think it could not bare to part with me either…

There’s something about looking through the glossy pages of a fashion magazine that just makes me go ga-ga! Oh the perfection of Chanel, Alex Perry, Michael Kors, Collette Dinnigan (*ahhh)

But I am a real girl. Living in the real world. And unfortunately, I havent quite perfected the science of growing money on trees yet, so basically, those beautiful glossy pages are as close as I am getting to those drool-worthy designer creations (FOR NOW).
As sad as this is, I havefound an alternative that not only gets me great bargains, but also allows me to own some designer goodies myself!

Behold the art of Op Shopping! (Thrift shopping)

If you think that Op shopping is totes gross because its just paying for someone elses old dirty rags, then you are sadly mistaken…

Op shopping is  more like ‘buying vintage’; finding those pre-loved pieces that have a history, and most importantly don’t cost a pretty penny…

If you have a good eye like me, you can easily snap up some unique, chic, and amazing designer pieces.

There are days when I am wearing head-to-toe ‘Vintage’. I look good, feel good, and am wearing a grand total of $25.

Check out some of my lucky finds whilst Op shopping:

Loving these Italian Leather Loafers I picked up for $15


Or MY gorgeous navy Carla Zampatti Jacket I scored for $12 (would have originally been a few hundred dollars)


Or how about my yellow linen Mulberry top I got for $6


Then how about this gorgeous Limited Edition Anthea Crawford dress for $20 (once again, originally a few hundred dollars)


There are also times when you find clothes that have no designer label at all, just pure uniqueness. These special finds give you character and flare; you will not be caught wearing the same outfit with these finds…

A 1960’s style green dress I found for $7


A cute floral skirt for the spring I picked up for $5


A white formal gown for $10


So now I’ve given you a taste of what treasures you can find, it’s definitely time you checked out an Op shop near you. Remember not to go for the clothes you can find in any old store, go for the pieces that are unique and quirky, and most importantly… DESIGNER! Always check the labels because you may get lucky 😉

Enjoy lovelies




One Response to “Me + Clothes = Love”

  1. The Thrifty Issue July 22, 2013 at 6:59 am #

    I love your finds! Just beautiful styling. My fave are the Italian loafers – well spotted 🙂 Cheers, Alison

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