Starbucks Sherbet Drink Combo

7 Nov

IMG_20131103_190503No, it is not on the menu. 

But as a barista, we see a lot of combinations, and it is awesome!
We love these drinks that people come up with!

Here is one awesome creation!!

This was not my idea, and I am not taking credit.
And not going to lie, when I was writing the recipe on the cup, I was looking at them like they were crazy…
It is a weird combination!

But if you are feeling game, give this one a go!!
It tastes like sherbet without the fizz.

I had to order one for myself, and I loved it!

Grande Frappuccino:

IMG_20131103_190429The correct way to order:

Iced Grande, 1 pump Peach, 1 Pump Raspberry, 1 Scoop Vanilla Bean, No Strawberry, sub Valencia Orange Refresher,
Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino.


It tastes delicious!!!

– Jecca xoxo


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