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Who Wore It Best? Alyssa Milano vs Rosie Huntington

14 Oct

Rosie VS AlyssaWHAT: Stella McCartney Black Wool Jumpsuit

WHO: Alyssa Milano VS Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

There would be no need for this if the two beauties, Alyssa and Rosie, had not BOTH been snapped wearing such a daring cut-out jumpsuit by English designer Stella McCartney. Any other jumpsuit would have bored us, and we would let it be. But this bold look has us intrigued, and initiated another round of WHO WORE IT BEST!?

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Who Wore It Best? Kardashian vs Jenner

7 Oct

kylie vs khloeWHAT: The All Leather Look
WHO: Kylie Jenner Vs. Khloe Kardashian

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Who Wore It Best?

29 Jul

WHAT: Blue & White Vivienne Westwood Strapless Dress

WHO: Kat Dennings Vs. Kate Beckinsle

Two beautiful brunettes. Two Vivenne Westwood Sequened Cocktail Dresses. One Winner.
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Who Wore It Best?

15 Jul

What: Black Michael Kors Summer/Spring 2013 Collection Dress

Who: Gwyneth Paltrow Vs. Myleene Klass

Gwen and Myleene have a lot in common; they are both talented, both drop dead gorgeous (*sigh*) and both mothers to beautiful children. It’s nice to see such lovely ladies living such lovely lives. However, there is such a thing as “over-sharing”, when the imitation of each others lifestyles becomes a little OTT… I’m talking about the important issues people, I’m talking about when they start WEARING THE SAME THING!

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