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Tropical Escape; Daydream Island!!

2 Nov

526362_711030298911034_1613898010_nDreaming of a Tropical Escape? Why not go to Daydream Island!

Daydream Island is one of the seven islands located in the Whitsundays in Queensland, Australia. The island is equipped with a Rejuvenation Spa, outdoor live reef, childcare centre and free water sport activities.

Whether it’s a romantic or family holiday, Daydream won’t disappoint.

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Jones Soda Co.

30 Sep

jones-sodaCalling Dr Jones, Dr Jones wake up now!! 

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We Feel So Lucky!

13 Sep

We just wanted to take time out from our usual blogging to say thank you for your support of our blog, The Twenty Somethings! Every week we’re surprised by the visits we get from around the world.

We’ve had views from *takes a deep breath* Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, India, Malaysia, France, Turkey, Italy, South Africa, Slovenia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, Austria, Greece, Brazil, Singapore, Sweden, Jersey, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Belgium, Estonia, Serbia, Mexico, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Solomon Islands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Bahrain, Indonesia, Lebanon, Finland, Taiwan, Uruguay, Ecuador and Norway.

Now that is a LOT of countries!

Thank you again, we really do appreciate the time you take each week to check out our new posts. You all make us feel so lucky!

Alright, guess it’s time we got back to work!!!

–        Jecca, Chookie & Lights x

Travelling Fashionista

26 Aug

Mel and Brooke St Kilda - BWI was beyond excited when my father came home with three plane tickets to Melbourne (in Victoria, Australia) for him, my mother and I. So many people have told me its definitely a place a fashion lover like me should be…

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FAD Lollies

19 Aug

FADS_1990sRemember the Good Ol’ Days before we realised that smoking was bad for us, and for a second we were all the “bad characters” in the movies, or Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s?

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Latest Buzz In Music – Lorde

12 Aug

LordeWith a stare like Dakota Fanning, slight resemblance to Kylie Jenner and curls to give Shakira a run for her money, some say she is the new Lana Del Rey. This new wonder is Ella Yelich-O’Connor. You can her ‘Queen B’ but to the music world, she’s known as Lorde. And bow down you will once you hear her amazing voice. Did I mention she is only 16? Continue reading

Canada and Australia

15 Jul

Canada & Australia: Taylor Whiteman.
Someone You Should Know

canadian_riot_540As a fourteen year old sitting in Maths class, and dreading the class ahead I was very excited when a new teacher walked in. Then she started talking and suddenly everyone’s attention was on her.
“So where in America are you from?”
Her face. I will never forget and how angry she was.
“I’m Canadian,” she replied and then offered the advice, “Never get the two confused.”

For the rest of the semester I could not understand why she would get so uptight about the language thing… like big whoop. Until I moved overseas… and continuously get mistaken for a New Zealander. Then I get annoyed. It is not that I have anything against Kiwis, but it is weird how you automatically get defensive in another country when someone gets your nationality wrong.

And this leads me to this weeks travel entry.

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Gold Coast

8 Jul

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

View from The Spit, looking toward Surfers Paradise and Southport, Gold Coast

View from The Spit, looking toward Surfers Paradise and Southport, Gold Coast

It is a city, without being a city.
It is a beach town, without being a beach town.
It has the mix between business and pleasure.
The Gold Coast has something for everyone.
Wow, did that sound like a commercial…

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Hi I’m Jecca!

1 Jul


sippingIf you are reading this I thankyou for checking out our blog!

I am a 21 year old from Gold Coast, Australia, who is travelling and living in Canada. Graduating university last year, I realised I wanted nothing to do with what I had been studying and jetsetted off for new experiences and a new appreciation.

My love for coffee is excessive; and anything sweet. When I am not making, drinking or thinking about coffee, I am writing stories or eating… My love for food is embarrassing! I love the snow, the colour red and online shopping. A known fact about me is that I wish I lived in the 1950s, and my favourite TV show is ‘I Love Lucy’.

As much as Lights and I will be doing a little bit of everything, I will mostly be writing for the travel section, here at The Twenty Somethings, but you will see my name all over the place!

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and the new posts we will be bringing to you each week! 🙂

– Jecca

Onesie Funsie

1 Jul

The first time I heard about adults wearing onsies in public, I laughed – especially when I heard people would go clubbing in them! Like seriously? That was just over a year ago now and here in Australia we have finally caught up in the onesie funsie!!! You can’t deny they are definitely IN! Here are just three reasons why YOU Aussie’s need to rock a onesie this winter.

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