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Digging Deep on a Budget…

9 Sep

images-1-1Ok so let’s face it, as young adults we’re not all super rich. We don’t live in super pricey mansions, driving our super pricey cars, whilst wearing our super pricey designer labels…
Well not yet, that is…
So until then we need to be smart with our money and make do with what we have.

It’s time to stop digging deep into your pockets, and start digging deep in to your wardrobe!

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The Pretty Peppy Peplum Is What I Like…

26 Aug

TitleUGGHHH to those days when all your clothes hate you!
They make you look fat!
They make you look ugly!
You cannot even leave the house because THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU TO WEAR!

Oh yes, I have definitely had my fair share of these torment filled days.
Well, that was until now…

Behold the Peplum Look!
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Prove Someone Wrong

26 Aug

prove_them_wrong_by_j_perkinsWeird thing for a Bucket List?

No. It is just the right thing.

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Something Blue by Emily Giffin

26 Aug

something-blue-emily-giffinOh what another Emily Giffin Review?

Well, she is someone we like for something we like week 🙂

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Write A Book!

19 Aug

IMG_20130730_231828You don’t need to be, or even want to be, an author to write a book – that’s the beauty of this. These days there are so many different and unique ways to write our very own books, you don’t even need to write a book IN a book!

Before you think I’m going all crazy on you, let me explain…

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The Floral Effect

12 Aug

Pic 2 - cropFlicking through the pages of a magazine, clicking around online, and walking in to stores has definitely proven one thing in the fashion world; the Floral Effect is a buzz!

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Meeting Your Favourite Celebrity

29 Jul

IMG_0885We all have them.

Whether it be Ryan Gosling for the hot factor, One Direction for their talented and their accents, or Taylor Swift for her beauty… or whoever, you have one. Or ten.

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He Will Be Forever Fabulous

15 Jul

He Will Be Forever Fabulous

f147d36ee3bc11e287df22000ae803ad_6This week is ‘Someone You Should Know’. And Joe, is definitely someone you should know. Why?

When I hear the word fashion, two things come to mind. ‘New York City’ and ‘Joe Anthony’.

Confident. Quirky. Fashion Forward. Beyonce Obsessed.

But the best thing about it all; is that he knows it.


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TV: North America

15 Jul

North America

images-1Documentaries have never been something that I have been able to sit down and enjoy. Who wants to listen to a male with a deep voice make something very dramatic that is not even dramatic…

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