Movie Review: This Is Us

4 Sep

There is something about movie documentaries of our favourite celebrities that gets us all excited! I mean, it’s one thing to see what happens in a celebrities life from what we read in the media (mostly made up rubbish I say!), it’s another to be able to see what really happens behind their heavily guarded walls. Remember how much we adored Katy Perry after watching Part of Me and how we fell in love with (even turning haters to respect) Justin Bieber in Never Say Never? Well add another great movie documentary of your favourite celebrity – well, more like celebritIES– to your list, because the hottest boyband in the world right now, ONE DIRECTION, have their very own revealing movie for you all to see.  

Get ready for This Is Us.


onedirectionbeforeandafterNiall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik are the five boys that make One Direction. After coming third in a reality TV show competition, The X Factor, their incredible success has continued to sky rocket, making these five boys the most successful and desired males in the tween, teenager and young adult (I’ll even say some cougars… Reow!) worlds. This film gives us an insight into the five boys worlds before fame as well as their continuing fame, with a revealing insight to their home lives and working lives.

There is something so sweet about boys looking after their mumma’s and families, and in this movie you can see that all five of these guys love and care for their mums and families that are back at home. Awwww! Not only do they help and care for their families, they even join charities to raise awareness and money for those who need it the most. Even after all their continually rising fame and fortune, these boys are still down-to-earth, nice couple of guys you would have found goofing around at your school.

"One Direction: This Is Us 3D" - Photocall
If you don’t understand the hype over these five boys, then I highly recommend you check the movie out. If you – do I DARE say it- hate or dislike (jealous perhaps?) One Direction, then again, I highly recommend you check the movie out. It’s important to know why or who you dislike, right? And if you are a dedicated fan, then I highly recommend you bring some tissues with you because… who am I kidding, you’ve ALL probably seen the movie already AT LEAST twice!!! You guys already know the drill!

Go check it out and let us know what you think of This Is Us!


– Lights x


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