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Latest Trend In Shoes!

16 Sep

ShoesI love shoes! Unfortunately though, I don’t splash out on them because I’m constantly ruining them (when did I step in mud today???) and I don’t have a money tree. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about the ballet flats to stilettos and everything in between of shoes! This week, I want you to join me and take a step into Shoe Land – where there is no mud to ruin these beauties and they’re all scuff free!

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Latest Music

29 Jul

Feel like dancing a bit? Maybe want to party like it’s your birthday? Go ahead, we all are here at The Twenty Somethings because it’s been one whole month since we started this blog! *Happy Dance*

Instead of writing a typical review, I thought this week I’ll let you guys be the judge of the new songs. Let us know what you think… love it or hate it?

One Direction – Best Song Ever


Selena Gomez – Birthday


– Lights x