Who Wore It Best? 1D!!

2 Sep

Who Wore It Best?

one-direction-vmas-getty-stephen-loveskin-staffWhat: 2013 MTV VMA’s Red Carpet Look

Who: One Direction


I know, I know, but I couldn’t help it! I just had to compare the smashing lads from 1D.
I am young. I am a girl. I have rights!
We all know that each member of this stylish boy band knows how to dress, but now it’s a matter of finding WHO WORE IT BEST?

Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayne Malick and Harry Styles of One Direction

These boys love to wear a colour theme when it comes to special events – it shows that they are a group and are in an exclusive club that nobody else (including those millions of die-hard fan girls) can be part of. This time round, they chose red, black and white.

– So let’s start with the cutie on the left. Niall went for the jock look –t-shirt, pants slightly baggy at the top and fitting at the bottom, and a varsity jacket with hints of red and white to top it off. It’s a good look, but there is nothing that makes me say WOWZA!

-Next up, we have Louis (my fave directioner) who brings the casual style to the red carpet – a black t-shirt with a greyscale print and black jeans to match. Nothing too special with this look, but I think it has more to do with showing off his new ink.

– The man in the middle, Liam, goes with a street style for the occasion- he gives his plain black shirt and pants a pop of colour by tying a bright red checker shirt around his waist (and *gasp* is that a snap back I see in his hand!?)

Zayne went for the bad boy James Dean look on the red carpet. He perfected the Old Hollywood trend by teaming his white shirt and black skinny pants with the slicked back hair and leather jacket, with a long chained necklace to top it off. A definite swoon worthy look right there!

-Last but not least we have Harry, who went for a more classy look, definitely leaning toward that stylish Johnny Depp look. This teen heartthrob went for an all-black look- He donned a buttoned down shirt, skinny pants, black belt, dress jacket, and remembered to accessorise with a cross pendant. And I must say, I am luurving this look!

Yes all the boys looked pretty darn good. But just by looking at them all standing together, it is obvious who put the most effort, class and style into his look. I mean, STYLES IS HIS NAME! That’s right, Harry is the winner of this competition!!!
I mean, he just pulled the Johnny Depp look off so well AND THAT’S WHAT MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL, Harry (Sorry, I just had to…)!

Congratulations Styles!

– Chookie xoxo


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