We’re In The 90’s Again!!!

26 Aug

We all know with fashion things come and go… and then come back again. Recently we had the whole ‘The Great Gatsby’ 1920’s love affair all over again, but creeping in has also been the 90’s fashion. Look around and you will see the denim overalls, crop tops, neon colours, crazy prints, scrunchies, clear bags/clutches, two bun hairstyles, not to mention all the boybands and girl groups. HELLO! The 90’s have definitely come back, but don’t worry, this time they’re refined, just like us!!! Check out how you can rock the 90’s and which celebrities will be joining you…

The Prints and Neon Pop

Something that certainly carried on from the 80’s to the early 90’s would have to be the crazy prints and neon colours! There is nothing like adding a bit of pop. Tips for wearing neon, wear it with neutral colours like creams, white or black – you can’t go wrong with them. If you want to play it safe, when wearing a full neon dress, accessorize with neutrals and if you’re wearing a full neutral dress, accessorize with some neon. If you’re crazy confident, go for all I say!

Here is the lovely AnnaSophia Robb dressed as the younger version of Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries wearing a sassy, crazy print dress available from the Nasty Gal collection.

Dress 90

The Crop Top

Crop tops are everywhere! Knowing how to wear them is important! For those in the warmer areas, pair a crop top with some shorts or skirts. And for those in the cool areas, pair crop tops with maxi skirts and a cute jacket.

Vanessa Hudgens loves a crop top and maxi skirt, this pairing is slightly grunge and cute at the same time. Love, love, loooove!

90s v

The Denim Overalls

Denim overalls anyone? I recently wrote a post on all things denim, Denim Crush, check it out if you missed it! The perfect mix for your denim overalls? The good old white shirt underneath. Add anything flannel and you might start looking like a hillbilly. Check out this cute before and after picture! Told you the 90’s comeback is more refined!


The Handbags

Nasty Gal has recently released some clear clutches and backpacks to their range. With the recent ban on ladies bringing non-clear handbags at NFL games in the USA, I have a feeling we might see some more clear handbags in the future.


The Scrunchies

These little babies seem to get a lot of hate, but really there is no need! With models like Cara Delevingne sporting the scrunchie, along with stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones, they were even seen on the Summer/Spring runway for this year, it’s time to get over the fear and just embrace them.


The Hair

Remember how all these girls were walking around with the messy bun on top of their heads recently? Well, split it in two and you get what Miley Cyrus is sporting. Feeling like the 90’s have slapped you in the face looking at this?

miley pigtails bun

The Music

And while you’re getting all dressed up, listen to some music to get yourself moving! Mix it up with some 90s Backstreet Boys (highly recommend their Greatest Hits) and Spice Girls, with the modern day versions One Direction and Little Mix!!!


– Lights x


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