Road Trip!!

7 Oct

261395_222980454402313_6497014_nRoad Trips can be fun or disastrous at any age, but they are always memorable!!

Time to create some memories!

Road trips are always a way to create memories. Being cooped up in a car for hours with your friend or family is always an adventure. But we have always been told “half the fun is getting there”, and it actually is.

As a young girl I was fortunate to do multiple road trips with my family to the town we were planning to move to.
I don’t actually remember being in the town every time, but I do remember the journeys.

Then when we all got our licences, even if they were two hours trips or longer, we took advantage of doing road trips!

Ways to make them more fun:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA– Stop somewhere random to eat
– Pee at petrol/gas stations… the horror stories we have experience…shudder
– See a random souvenir place…STOP
– See a weird factory or tour…STOP and Explore
– See a landmark, stop and look
– Don’t have a final destination…make it up as you go
– Make sure your cameras are charged, you just never know what you will find!

Get Road Tripping!!!

– Jecca xox


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