14 Oct

IMG_1294Winter is coming in North America….which means hundreds of keen snowboarders are on the countdown!
But have you tried this epic sport?

Seeing snow is one thing, but using it to your full advantage in another.


This is one extreme sport you have to try and least once before you die.
We are not going to lie to you. Learning to snowboard is nothing else but painful!
But anyone at any agile age can give it a go.
Kids can start snowboarding at the mere age of 3! They can shred better than they can run!

Prepare for your wrists, butt and legs to burn, but another thing we can tell you, is it is addictive. Seriously.
For some reason that pain is worth it once you get it.

The thing about snowboarding, is it is more than a person standing on a board going down a hill.
It is feeling of someone connected with their board and experiencing flight. Yes, it does feel like you are flying! Just connected to the ground….

Snowboarding has been around since the 1920s when teenagers would tie wood planks from barrels to their feet with clothes line.
But the real sport of snowboarding really came about and was made popular by one genius man named Jake Burton in 1977. (This name sound familiar? Burton is a popular clothing and snowboard brand). He created bindings (which is what attaches your feet to the snowboard) and revolutionised the sport.

Since then it has only evolved and is performed all over the world. People dedicate their lives to the snowboarding lifestyle and follow winters all around the world. Like we said, it is addictive.

Although snowboarding is now popular, it was not always accepted. When the sport was first immersing, it was seen as a rebellious sport against skiers. It was seen as having a rebellious and disrespectful subculture attached to it. Their clothing was different. They embraced the hip-hop and punk styles. They were similarly compared to those in the “surfing subculture” where they were “out of place”. They used words like “gnarly” and “dude” and were not proper like the rest of the culture. Snowboarding was banned at multiple resorts across the globe as they didn’t want to accept the delinquent nature. This is the reason that it is only our generation who can snowboard opposed to being able to ski.

This is an awesome sport and you should definitely put this one (and a lesson) on your bucket list!!!!

Here is a video of Jecca learning.

-Jecca xox


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