Travelling on the Cheap

22 Jul

IMG_0010Travelling is the best thing you can do in life… but it definitely is expensive!!

There are your obvious expenses like accommodation and transport. They are the first major milestones to pay for… But then there are all the sneaky expenses that wrack up super fast. The food, souvenirs, going out, sight seeing, and the treats. 
Soon this cheap holiday is not so cheap, and those backup savings have disappeared.

Here are just some basic travelling tips and tricks to try and keep those savings in the account and that credit card in the wallet.


Plan in Advance

Yes, we see how fun the movies make spontaneous adventures to be. But plans are not a bad way to go either. Look up where you want to go, research the prices of everything! Know what you are walking into so you can budget and save accordingly. Remember to budget for things like taxis, trains, food, coffees…all those little expenses that add up.

Hint-> Also remember if you are going to a country that requires tipping and after tax, remember to budget that! Some countries you need to tip 20% of the price of something, so just be aware! Just because it says “x” price, you need to add tax and tipping, as neither are incorporated in the price.

Go With Friends/Partner

Lets be honest. Travelling with people is way more fun than travelling alone. And yes, we know you are on holiday and want your own free time and privacy… but is sharing a room really that bad? Sharing rooms with your friends will save you money! Do you really need a room to yourself? You will probably be going to dinner with your friends anyway and all you will do in your room is sleep, shower and poop. Sacrifice the privacy for the cheaper option.


Travel in the Off-Season

Everyone wants to go beaches in summer and everyone wants to go to the snow in winter. Sometimes, you do have to pay through the roof to have your dream holiday…  And sometimes it is hard to get time off. But if you can help it, go to your holiday destination in the off season. When it is not the destinations peak season, prices are a lot cheaper for everything; flights, accommodation and sight seeing. It will save you heaps in the long run! Do your research. If the beaches are still at warm enough temperatures, why not go?

Exchange Your Money in Advance

If you are travelling overseas, you will need their currency. And make sure you arrange this before you leave the country. Do not leave it to the last minute and do it at the airports. They up the price by ridiculous amounts. And do not just do to the first exchange center you see in your home town. Do some research. Compare prices. Wait for the right time. Travel agents are great people to ask when to buy and sell your dollars.


Pack/Pre Buy Snacks

Airports, convenience stores, food at theme parks, sight seeing places, gas stations, etc are expensive and can get away with it. All those extra dollars you spend here and there will add up super fast. Make sure you buy all your snack food in advance, refill your water bottle, and little things like that. And if you are really in on the savings, pack a lunch as well!


Careful Where You Book!!

Hostels are not always the cheapest option these days! Look up a few before you just go booking now! Hostels know they have the cheap name and people do automatically just book with them because they know they are easy and generally the cheapest, but they are boosting their prices. If you can stay in a hotel room cheaper in a motel with housekeeping than a dorm at a hostel, wouldn’t you prefer it?

Do you have travelling cheap tricks you would like to share?? Please comment! Would love to hear what you have done!

– Jecca


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