Who Wore It Best?

15 Jul

What: Black Michael Kors Summer/Spring 2013 Collection Dress

Who: Gwyneth Paltrow Vs. Myleene Klass

Gwen and Myleene have a lot in common; they are both talented, both drop dead gorgeous (*sigh*) and both mothers to beautiful children. It’s nice to see such lovely ladies living such lovely lives. However, there is such a thing as “over-sharing”, when the imitation of each others lifestyles becomes a little OTT… I’m talking about the important issues people, I’m talking about when they start WEARING THE SAME THING!

These ladies have both been snapped wearing Michael Kors’ fabulous geometrically cut-out dress.



How They Wore It:

Myleene went floor length with a sleeked back low bun to the red carpet in May this year. She chose no jewellery, no splash of colour, no dramatic make-up; minimal yet beautiful. But the fact that she has completely relied on the cut of the dress to make her statement is a little boring. I’m not saying she needed to wear a fluoro green belt with a top hat to match, but she definitely could have chosen to wear a bold red lip, or a peep-toe heel that added that extra oompf to a look head to toe in black.

Gwyneth went with the mid-length version of the dress, slicking back her hair into a high pony tail for an Iron Man 3 premiere in October last year. She worked the edgy look by adding MORE EDGE! The smokey eyes and black cuff bracelet gives her a tough look, but is quick to remind everyone of her hot feminine bod by showing off her to-die-for toned calves. She completes the look with contrasting white heels, giving the all black ensemble something extra for everyone to look at.


Gwyneth Paltrow for the win! She had the right balance between accessorising an edgy dress with edgy accessories, without taking the focus away from the beautifully crafted dress. Myleene looked amazing but just far too bland…

Congratualtions Gwen!

– Chookie xox


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