Flashback…To the Roaring Twenties!

19 Aug

Perhaps title pictureThe Roaring Twenties; a decade that brought a distinctive cultural edge to the world – Jazz music blossomed, the flapper redefined womanhood, and Art-deco peaked- especially in New York City, Chicago, Paris, Berlin & London.

This was a time where opulent living reigned, due to a period of economic prosperity. New technologies such as auto-mobiles, telephones, motion pictures, and electricity significantly changed lifestyle and culture, until 1929, when The Great Depression swept across the globe (mini history lesson for you there)…
A Gatsby Party

So why have I chosen to take us all back to the twenties?
Because where there is a cultural Boom, there is great fashion to follow!

Let us focus on Baz Luhrmman’s 2013 film The Great Gatsby (adapted by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel) based on the Roaring Twenties…
Now, when I went to see this movie, I had no idea what the story was going to be about. Nor did I care. I went specifically for two visual purposes:
1. Leonardo DiCaprio (swoon)
2. The fashions and styles

Roaring Fashion - men and women

And oh boy was I satisfied!
The cute Cloche hats, the Flapper Dressesflapper and drop-waist dresses, sequins and beading galore, the adorable bob haircuts with fun hair pieces, long pearl necklaces, and men wearing tuxedo’s with coat tails… Ahh what a sight to see!

This mesmerizing style has never died…
Men and women constantly buy fashion pieces that embody that of the roaring twenties. And thanks to the film’s recent release, many people have rekindled their love for such an adventurous and fun time in the fashion world (I myself spotted a Cloche Hat the other day, and COULD NOT resist the urge buy it).

B079_L006_1005T3.0000570.DNGIf you cannot take my word that this flashback style is popular in today’s culture, then look no further than any magazine, internet site, or clothes store near you- for you WILL spot something of 1920’s spirit Old Sport (sorry, just had to Gatsby that!)

Roaring Twenties fashion inspired by Gatsby
For all who have not yet done so, please do yourself a favour, and  get your hands on something Cultural, something Roaring, something 1920’s! Whether it be through make-up, jewellery, clothing or hairstyles, make sure to keep this timeless look alive!

Thanks lovelies,
Chookie xx


2 Responses to “Flashback…To the Roaring Twenties!”

  1. Mary August 19, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    The costumes in the Great Gatsby are just wonderful aren’t they! Thanks for linking out to my blog 🙂


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