Dream Destinations!

29 Jul

Imagine if you could travel the world without worrying how much the flight will cost or how much the accommodation will be!

How amazing would that be?

Now for a very few lucky and privileged people, this is their reality… buuuut for the rest of us, we can only dream. *siiiiiigh* Here are some ‘not so typical’ dream destinations where the prices are ridiculous and the luxury is bursting from the seams!


Staying in a typical hotel is boring these days, how about trying something else… maybe a hotel made completely out of ice? You can do that at the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Norway. This experience shouldn’t be done alone, why not bring your family along with you. If you want the place to yourself, it will only cost you just over $7,000 for one night. A high price to pay to live in a place made completely out of frozen water just for a night!




If you want to go to the future they say the best place for that is to visit Japan and they’re right! This place is at least 2 years ahead of the world when it comes to technological advances. So why not take a step into the future in style then!  Visit Toyko and stay in the most expensive suite at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Did I mention it will only cost your $25,000 for a nights view of Mount Fuji and the Royal Palace! Here is the real kicker… why not have a drink to celebrate going to the future? Try the drink called Diamonds are Forever, rumours say it comes with a real diamond inside and one drink will only cost like $18,000!!! Cheers everybody!



United Arab Emirates

Forget shopping in London or New York, remember the movie Sex and the City 2 where Samantha got to take the girls along with her to the United Arab Emirates? Well how about you and your friends try it out for yourself (minus all the hiccups seen in the movie). You can visit The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall – aka shopping heaven on Earth!!! And when you and your besties have tired from all those stores, you can sleep like royalty in the 3 Bedrooms Palace Suit at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi. It will only set you back $52,000 for one nights’ accommodation… only!!! Talk about excessive glamour!




When it comes to romance the first place that comes to mind is Paris right? Don’t get me wrong, Paris is an amazingly romantic place to visit, but there is nothing quite as romantic as owning your very own island, just for the two of you, for the whole night! Your very own island! Look no further than Fiji’s Laucala Island. It will only set you back $150,000 for the night! *faints*  If you Google Image the island will you understand why you’ll need to sell everything you own, and that little bit more, for one romantic night in paradise!


If you want succeed in life, just remember these dream destinations. They sure give you that needed boost of motivation to do better!!!

– Lights x


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