What Eyebrow Suits Your Face?

23 Sep

You wouldn’t believe how much we subconsciously look at the eyebrows and the effects they have on our face. That’s why we keep them brushed, filled and tidy. But what if your eyebrows aren’t the right match for you face? Find out which eyebrow shape will flatter your features, not spoil them!


If you have an oval face, a soft angled eyebrow is best.

Not too flat to make your face appear round and not too arched to make your face appeared long.

Remember to keep it soft and nothing sharp.


If your faces width and length is the same, your goal is to make your face appear longer.

You don’t want to emphasise on the round, so high arched eyebrows will create vertical lines to help lengthen the face.

Fergie’s arches are sky high, perfect for round faces.


Those with a square face will notice their forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are roughly the same width.

The idea is to soften the jaw line with a curved eyebrow, so depending on how bony or strong your jawline is will depend on how angled the eyebrows should be curved.

A sharp peak at the top of the brow, like Angelina Jolie works great.


Heart faces usually have pointy chins and prominent foreheads.

Low arched eyebrows will make the forehead balance with the pointy chin.

You might need to add more volume to achieve the right brow, just like Reece Witherspoon.


Your goal is to make the face appear shorter and to do that you’ll need flat eyebrows.

Arches and rounded eyebrows will only make the face appear longer than it is.

Keep it nice and flat like Sarah Jessica Parker.


If you face is widest at the temples and is somewhat bony or angular, then curved eyebrows will help reduce the wide temple.

Try and keep it rounded and nothing too sharp, just like Elizabeth Hurley’s.

Keep an eye out next week on the different ways to
Maintain Your Eyebrows.

– Lights x


2 Responses to “What Eyebrow Suits Your Face?”

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