Costume Designers Behind Our Favourite TV Shows

18 Oct

Who are the fashion geniuses that style your favourite TV show characters? Never thought about it before? I bet now I’ve mentioned it, you’re interested! From old favourites like Sex & the City and Friends, to our new favourites Girls and The Vampire Diaries, check out who’s in charge creating amazing costumes for our beloved TV shows. Click on their names to see their IMDb profiles and be surprised by some of the other TV shows and movies they’ve worked on…


Big Bang Theory & Two and a Half Men
Mary T. Quigley
(BBT 139 EPS & THM 200 EPS)

Friends & New Girl
Debra McGuire
(F 236 eps & NG 31eps)

Debra McGuire

Debra McGuire

Game of Thrones
Michele Clapton
(30 eps)

Jennifer Rogien
(18 eps)
Stacey Battat

Lou Eyrich
(66 eps)
Elizabeth Martucci
(22 eps)

Gossip Girl & The Carrie Diaries
Eric Daman
(GG 58 eps & TCD 13 eps)

Eric Damon

Eric Damon

Mad Men
Katherine Jane Bryant
(76 eps)

Pretty Little Liars
Mandi Line
(10 eps)
Amy Stofsky
(2 eps)
Maya Mani
(1 ep)

Sex & the City
Pat Field
(89 eps)

Pat Field

Pat Field

Rebecca Weinberg
(50 eps)
Molly Rogers
(19 eps)

The Vampire Diaries
Leigh Leverett
(39 eps)
Jennifer L. Bryan
(5 eps)
Susan De Laval

True Blood
Audrey Fisher
(54 eps)
Danny Glicker
(3 eps)

– Lights x


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