Maintain Your Eyebrows

30 Sep

perfect-eyebrowNow that you know
What Eyebrow Suits Your Face,
it’s time to find out how to maintain them. So what options are available for you? It’s time to tweeze, wax, thread, trim, tint or even tattoo your eyebrows into the best shape they’ve ever been!


EyebrowsPlucking with tweezers is a popular method to keep the eyebrows maintained once they’ve been shaped. Be sure the tweezers you use have a fine point and check they aren’t blunt. The best time to pluck the eyebrow hairs is when the skin is soft and the pores are open, so after a shower is ideal. When plucking, take your time and make sure you pause in between to make sure you haven’t over plucked, otherwise you’ll be waiting 6 weeks for the hair to grow back… or worse, in some cases they don’t. When plucking, make sure you pluck in the direction of the hair growth.


eyebrows threadThreading is one of the oldest ways to remove eyebrow hair around the eyes. For beginners, it might take a while to pick it up, so practice and watch a few YouTube videos to make sure you’re doing it right. Because you are pulling the hair out with a piece of thread, it might be a bit painful at first, so try to numb the area first with some ice. To make sure you don’t over thread, you can draw on your eyebrow with a pencil first, so you know how far you can go. To do this right, you will need to pull the thread so it is going in the opposite direction of the hair growth.


eyebrows waxWaxing is one of the most popular ways to shape eyebrows in a salon. However, be warned it can be tricky to do it at home by yourself and if not done right, will hurt. Be sure with any waxing product you buy, to do a tester on a patch of skin before waxing the eyebrows. This helps avoid any nasty rashes or irritation. When it comes to waxing the eyebrows, be sure to separate the eyebrow hairs from the ones that are going to be removed. To do so, use some eyebrow gel or even hairspray to move your eyebrow hairs in the opposite direction of where you will be waxing. Be sure when you do wax the strays, you wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. To lessen any redness, use a soft cloth with warm water and hold it to the waxed area.


eyebrow trimmingDepending on the shape of your eyebrow hairs and what direction they grow, will depend on whether you should trim or not. For some (like me) trimming is needed for the beginning area, because the hairs grow up and not vertically like the rest of the eyebrow. You will need an eyebrow brush or an old toothbrush that isn’t used anymore, to sweep the hairs in an upwards direction. Make sure you hold them in place with the brush and then trim. For a more natural look, don’t keep it straight, let there be a few hairs trimmed at different lengths. For the ends of the eyebrow, if you find you hairs normally fall downwards, then brush the hair down and then trim.


eyebrow tintingBecause we are constantly changing our hair colour, sometimes we need to change the colour of our eyebrows too by tinting. Not only is tinting used to change the colour of the eyebrows, but it is also used as a semi-permanent filler so you don’t need to constantly draw or colour in the eyebrows every day. Just like waxing, if you are doing it at home, be sure to do a tester on your skin first otherwise you could experience rashes or a worst case scenario, a chemical burn. Make sure you don’t stray too far away from your natural colour as it might look harsh on the skin. Don’t forgetting tinting is semi-permanent and will wash off eventually anyway.


eyebrow featherThis method of maintaining the eyebrows really is a once job, then that’s it. No more tinting, shaping or constantly brushing the eyebrow hairs. Feathering tattoos are a popular method, as each eyebrow hair is tattooed on for a natural appearance. With feathering you can make the eyebrows as thick or as thin as you want and you don’t need to remove your own eyebrow hairs as they are able to tattoo over it. Do remember this option is permanent and make sure you get it done at a PROFESSIONAL place, not some best friends-brothers-mates-cousins, who happens to own their homemade tattoo gun!

So mix and match the different options out there to maintaining your new, sexy eyebrows!

– Lights x


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