TV: Kris

22 Jul



Kris Jenner.
She is the backbone behind the whole Kardashian success story. Love them or hate them, she is the reason they are some of the most recognisable faces this century.

But Kris Jenner, you can evidently see, tries to live her life through her daughters. She has always wanted their fame, and now this is her opportunity to have it, and have all of the attention on her. But thankfully, she has picked something right up her alley. A talk show. If there is one thing that Kris Jenner is good at, it is talking.

So this week it premiered.



As a die hard fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, I tuned in, like thousands of other fans would have.
Kris looked fantastic. She looked excited, a bit nervous and absolutely stunning!
But it was nothing that spectacular or out of the box. It was good. There was humour, there was cooking, there was talking, there were guests; so all the elements the show needed. But it was no Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah.

Although, you can’t expect miracles in the first show ever… That is a bit harsh.
But for a woman who is so connected and already so famous, you think that she would have been able to go a bit “bigger” for her first show. She is launching a new name here.  She should have tried to get some more popular guests and some big names.

And as for the guests she did have, it felt a little rushed at times or cut off. We can cut her some slack though because it was her first show and she has to get used to transitioning stories and segment to segment. It is easy to criticise that but hard to do.

On another note, you cannot deny Kris is a hardworking mum who loves loves loves her children. And what proud mother doesn’t want to talk about her children? But almost her opening story went for almost a quarter of the shows time, talking about Kim getting to the hospital… She will definitely have to be careful about how long the proud mum stories go, because it cut off her co-hosts story about him and his wife, which was proving to be amusing.

But something she definitely did well, was the twist at the end of the show in the last few minutes that got all the tabloids talking. She bought “Baby North” to the stage….or did she? That was a fantastic twist ending. Call it sly to use her new granddaughter as marketing? Or call it brilliant. No matter your thoughts, it worked. She got people talking about it, and really, that is all she needed.


This review gives the show about a two out of five. It definitely has potential, but as a first show it was quite disappointing. If it was not for her already established name and fan base, not many people would return to watch the next show.

– Jecca


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