Something Blue by Emily Giffin

26 Aug

something-blue-emily-giffinOh what another Emily Giffin Review?

Well, she is someone we like for something we like week 🙂

‘Something Blue’ is written by Emily Giffin.

If you had read our previous reviews, we have previously reviewed “Love the One You’re With”. This book is certainly better.

This book is based around Darcy Rhone.
Superficial. Materialistic. Beautiful.
Darcy has it all. The perfect man, the life long best friend and a dream wedding only weeks away. Oh, and how can we forget to mention Marcus? The steamy love affair happening on the side.

But Darcy’s wedding is called off by her fiancé days before the wedding, and her life turns upside down.
Then Darcy discovers the ultimate betrayal.
Darcy finds herself struggling for support and feels very alone and confused.

This book was well written, and was certainly more so intriguing than any other Emily Giffin book before.

Darcy, was a character hard to relate to at first who actually made it a frustrating read at first, as it was hard to find sympathy for this lead character. But as the story develops, you find yourself either relating or finding empathy.

If you are looking for a good read about matters of the heart, concerning friendship or love, this is a great place to go.

– Jecca xo


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