Now You See Me

29 Jul


“Now You See Me” is a movie bought out this year about four illusionists who conduct bank heists on stage and give their audiences the money.

With an all star cast, this movie was definitely an interesting watch. It definitely had you constantly thinking, as the movie unravelled. Just when you thought you were figuring out the ending, something else happened and you were back to being confused. This movie was fantastic is you are looking for something that does not have a predictable storyline and especially ending.

Now-You-See-Me-Photos-now-you-see-me-32863338-1280-8499118677852013-05-10-11-15www.urlag_.mn_The amazing cast contains Jesse Einsenberg, Isla Fischer, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. These characters work so well together in their individual roles.

The plot is about four magicians/illusionists that are bought together by mysterious cards. They conduct bank heists and give their audiences money on stage, and of course causing them to be the attention of police to capture them.

This movie is definitely a brain teaser. But in saying that there is a reason it didn’t peak in the box offices. Although a good story line, it definitely felt it was missing “something” and the ending appeared to happen quite quickly as everything unfolded.

Definitely a movie to watch though.

The Trailer Link:


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