Demi Lovato: Heart Attack

15 Jul

Music Review!


Demi Lovato brings out “Heart Attack”.

Although this song has been out from almost a year, it is only rocking up the charts now. Not hitting number one but staying in the Top 20, this song shows the new Demi.

After checking herself in and out of rehab, and dealing with her emotions, she has started to put them into lyrics, and it is working for her!

Demi is one in a long line of Disney stars that broke out and had to give the singing career a go… Except Demi is by far the best singer that has ever come out of the Disney stars and really looks to have a future come out of it. Her vocals are incredible and her range is refreshing.

Demi-Lovato-camp-rock-10964137-624-352-1After working with the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock 1 & 2, it gave Demi the attention on her vocals that she needed. Although she had work to do. She was very smiley and toothy and bopped around like someone with ants in her pants…

But she has come a long way looking at her latest clip.

demi-lovato-heart-attack-music-video-watch-nowThe film clip is very basic. Basically just shows Demi singing to the camera in different costumes. Not exactly very exciting, and lacks any colours other than black, white and skin tone… and red lipstick. Although this was probably on purpose, it just made the film clip feel very dark, and the song just didn’t match that. The song was not about being depressed and upset, so it just didn’t appear to match. But she looks like a professional now, not an ex Disney star trying to grow up. She is not bopping around unnecessarily and is all round amazing.

 The song itself is nothing too special and won’t be one to go down in the history books, but it was just what Demi needed to launch properly. The song is extremely catchy and will be in your head and you will be trying to follow all the different notes she projects out of those lungs. But nothing to fall in love with…

But we congratulate Demi on her latest and do hope to hear more of those amazing vocals in the near future!



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