To-Do List Before You Leave The House for Holidays

27 Oct

Basic RGBA quick to-do list to do before you leave on your holiday:

1. Make sure you turn all your lights off.
This saves power; why pay for things you are not using??

2. Pull out the electrical sockets that are unnecessary.
This includes lamps, microwave, phone chargers, computers, etc.
Although an electrical surge is a rare occurrence… it is better to be safe than sorry!
And again, why pay for power you are not using?

3. Close the Doors
This is a great indicator to make sure the house is exactly the way you left it, just a reassurance that no one visited while you were gone.

4. Make sure you record your shows
A lot of people go on holiday and either forget to record or think they will have time to watch their favourites on their holiday. You cannot predict how your holiday will go, so just record them in case!!! Enjoy them when you get home!

5. Do the housework beforehand
Make sure the house is clean before you leave. Trust us, the last thing you feel like doing when you get home from a holiday is moving, or doing any housework. Make sure uniforms are ready, dishes are washed, laundry is folded and away the night before you go. Make your life easier!

6. Don’t Make Your House Look Like an Invitation, but don’t make it look deserted….
If you think you could leave a front porch light on, or a curtain slightly cracked or something while you are away, it is preferable.
Don’t leave your front curtains open waiting for someone to look in to plan a robbery…. but at the same time try not to make your house look like you are not home. That is pretty much another open invitation….

7. Empty the Mailbox
This goes hand in hand with the not making your house deserted. If you have an empty mailbox, there is less likelihood you will come home to an overflowing mess, which again, makes you look like you are not home….

8. Make Sure You Have An Easy Meal to Come Home To
After a “relaxing holiday”, you usually get home to want to collapse. Make sure you have a super easy meal on hand for when you get home, because you are not going to come back craving to cook a roast… Something like a frozen pizza or something or a cooked meal ready to come home and heat up. 

Any suggestions to add to the list or things you do??

– Jecca xoxo


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