The Inuksuk

7 Oct

In the smalltown of Canmore, Alberta

 One thing you have to love about Travelling is learning about different cultures and their history!
The ‘Inuksuk’ is one of those “culture things” you find in Canada!
When arriving in Canada, in all the souvenir shops you will always see these weird formations of rocks. They are always in the same shape. They kind of look like a warped sort of rock person. I was fascinated with them, but did not have a clue what they were.  They were just cute!


This is the Inuksuk in Whistler

These rock looking formations are called “The Inuksuk“. They will be seen all over North America, all the way from the Arctic to Greenland.

So how did they come about?
The Inuit (or we better know them as Eskimos), Inupiat, Yupik and other groups in the North American region used these formations as a landmark. Because of the weather conditions in the arctic circle there were are not many seasoned landmarks, so they made their own.

They used them as landmarks to mark fishing or hunting grounds, routes to places, camps, etc. They are in the rough shape of a human.

The name means “something which acts, performs or is in place of the function of a human“.

Although traditionally spelt Inuksuk, the English pronounce and spell it “Inukshuk”. Many traditional people are trying to encourage the traditional spelling rather than the translation.

In modern times, not only do North Americans have these as souvenirs but they mean “safe travels”.
Just a bit cute!

– Jecca xoox


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