Sam and Cat Review

7 Oct

Sam_and_Cat_Pose_002Sam and Cat is a new show produced by Nickelodeon and shown on multiple kids channels across the world.
The show is a double-spin off. Sam from the hit show iCarly and Cat from the show ‘Victorious’ come together to create more laughs and chaos. But will it last?

So I watched the first episode and my thought was…

The glorification of irresponsibility for the purpose of slapstick comedy….

Don’t get me wrong. I was a massive fan of iCarly and Victorious. The shows always made you smile and laugh.
But they probably should have stopped at the hits…

The first show demonstrates a lot of irresponsibility at the expense of getting laughs. We realise that it is all in the purpose of humour, and for older viewers, they understand that. But we forget that these shows are the ones that are moulding the minds of our next generation. And before you get all defensive at me… have you seen a majority of our younger generation?

Not all, but a lot of them are rude, self-indulgent and well, irresponsible.

People wonder why the younger generations are acting so self indulged and rebellious, but have we checked out what they are watching? In this first episode of Sam and Cat the girls get in all sorts of chaos. Sam jumps onto a moving vehicle, the girls leave young children unsupervised while supposed to be babysitting and they try to get away with stealing, and Kat distracts Sam while driving. Yes, this is being harsh, but am I wrong?

Other than that, the show was funny! Dan Schneider is a brilliant mind! He knows how to capture an audience, and it is the reason he has created hit after hit with Nickelodeon; Zoey 101, Victorious, iCarly, and Drake and Josh…

My prediction is that the show will be short lived, but there will be many laughs before its cancellation date.

– Jecca xox


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