You Hate Your Job

30 Sep

hate-your-jobBecause it is Unhealthy to be Unhappy

It is pretty rare to wake up and look forward to going to work. And if you do, oh my gosh you have found your calling!!

But some of us hate our job. Now, I am not talking about hating cause we cannot be bothered to go. because lets be honest, all of us would prefer to just….not work….

But I am talking about hating our job. When you go to bed dreading the next morning, and come home wanting to cry. When the stress of encountering your colleagues on a daily basis has you sick to the stomach or you find yourself nervous sweating constantly.
Well sweetheart, it is time for a new chapter!

Remember that life is like a book. Books have chapters. We usually don’t have everything sorted in the first chapters. All the characters always think things are going to pan out at the beginning of their story, but it’s not until things get hard that the happiness comes and things find a way of sorting themselves out. 

So you hate this job?

First Things First:

Is it your attitude? Are you making work a horrible place for yourself? Are you thinking everyone is against you, but they really aren’t? You need to have an honest think with yourself. Or is it really that terrible?
We have a tendency if we don’t feel like doing something, to actually make the situation worse because of our headspace.
So what you need to do is pump yourself up and get excited for work (at least for a week). Go in there with the best attitude and give it your all.

This will help you determine if it the environment you are creating for yourself, or if it really is that terrible!

Get Practical:

We all want to be millionaires and not have to work… But unfortunately life is not that easy for most. Especially as 20 something year olds we are constantly having money problems for some reason or another.
Can you afford to leave the job you are in?
Can you afford to take a job that pays less that you may possibly enjoy more?

Add up your expenses and spending and see what changes could potentially work for your budget.

Can you afford to quit?

Get Excited:

It is so exciting to start the new chapters in our lives!
Start looking into what you think you would be able to get into or think about what you could see yourself doing for this next chapter. Remember, you don’t have to have your “life career” sorted. Just something that will make you happy for your next step.
There are online aptitude tests that you can take that may help. Or at least give you ideas about what you may be interested in.


So you have realised, it is not your attitude.
You have realised you can afford it.
And you have started applying for jobs that you think will make you happier for the next chapter.

It is time to quit!!

– Jecca xo


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